UA Cribs: Alpha Chi Omega
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UA Cribs: Alpha Chi Omega

UA Cribs has had the privilege of featuring Alpha Gamma Delta and Theta Chi. With great pleasure, I get to introduce the next and newest addition to sorority row!

UA Cribs: Alpha Chi Omega

An interesting fact about Alpha Chi Omega is that they have changed in size but have never changed locations. This will be the sorority’s third chapter house. The sorority has been fortunate to stay located at 801 Colonial Drive since 1928. The first house was torn down and rebuilt in 1958 and was later renovated and expanded. After 21 years of living in the second home, it was torn down in 2013 and the new addition was finished by the fall of 2014. 

Now, the first thing that everyone is dying to know is the details about purchasing Delta Delta Delta. As we all know, Alpha Chi was not the only house knocked down.  They also tore down the old Tri Delt house. The president of Alpha Chi, Molly Edwards, provided the inside scoop about how the house was purchased. 

Edwards stated, “Tri Delt was land locked and could not expand their house in any direction.  As membership grew, they knew they had to relocate.  At the time they relocated, Alpha Chi was just beginning to plan what we would do for expanded housing.  Once it was announced that Tri Delt had received one of the new lots and would be moving, Alpha Chi Omega saw the opportunity to expand out the back, and this was approved by the University of Alabama as part of the master plan for larger houses for all sororities.  At first, the expansion was going to be an addition.  However, when the construction prices came in for rewiring and replumbing the existing house, our house corporation realized it would be more cost efficient to build a new structure.” So, there we have it!

After two years of planning and building, the new Alpha Chi house is completed and stands at 40,000 square feet. The roomy house features four floors with a large basement. The basement is where the chapter room is located and has provided the house with additional storage space. The first floor has meeting spaces including an informal living room, a formal living room, a dining room and locker rooms. The second and third floors have 38 bedrooms which sleeps a total of 76 women. The two floors are equipped with study hall rooms and dens for the women to study and spend their down time.   

Alpha Chi experienced a growth issue that the majority of the Greek system was experiencing. Because they outgrew the old house, the new house was built to accommodate the members’ needs. The sorority currently has 379 members and is continuously growing each year. 

Edwards said, “We felt that it was time to make the leap and build a house that would be large enough to house more members than ever before as well as create more space so that all members felt comfortable and at home when they were here.” 

Now that the members are no longer cramped in the old house, they are excited to have a room to entertain alumnae, to hold chapter meetings and to have a place for all the members to fellowship on a daily basis.   

While the construction was undergoing, the members temporarily moved into the old Alpha Delta Pi house. The temporary house was significantly smaller, but the experience of living there made the women grow significantly closer together. 

Edwards claimed, “We definitely made the most of that year, and it was more fun than I ever imagined it would be. We came together as a house and overcame some challenges, but ultimately we grew stronger and saw what truly held us together.” 

Although sorority houses hold great memories, Edwards also explained that it was not about the house that held the sisters together.  Rather, it was the sisters that kept the bond. 

The spirits in the Alpha Chi Omega house are to the roof. The new house has played a significant role in the sister’s positivity and participation now that they are able to meet and have the accommodations to do so with the new space! 

“I speak for everyone when I say that it is an honor to be a part of this organization, and having the new house has increased this excitement and commitment to Alpha Chi even more,” said Edwards. The sorority is very grateful to have the house of their dreams that was made possible by the alumnae and House Corporation. The chapter will certainly flourish for many years to come due to space, location and support provided through this project. 

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