8 Typical Pinterest Boards

People who know me know it's no secret that I absolutely love using Pinterest for everything I can think of. From fashion to food, I browse Pinterest more than I'd like to admit. There are always the typical board ideas and, I have fallen into the trap of making these stereotypical boards. These are the boards I have that I believe are stereotypical of most Pinterest users and examples showing I am no different.

1. Wish List

I just called it "I want" which you can look at here if you have any desire to see what cool things I fell in love with. Anything I see that I want I make sure to post it on this board. I find it convenient to just go here near Christmas and, it makes it easy to decide what I want.

2. Working Out

I have one board for just exercising here and one for TV Workouts here. I actually find the TV workouts a lot of fun and, I feel like I followed the episode a lot more than I thought I would when I saw that TV workout plans were a thing.

3. Fashion

I have a board for hair, nails, makeup and tattoos and piercings. I separated them for easy finding later which comes in handy when I'm looking for inspiration. I hope to make a clothing board soon but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

4. Food

I now wish I had separated drinks and regular food but my food board isn't that hard to navigate. I love looking for recipes for when my parents come to visit or trying to find something my boyfriend likes that we can cook together. I recently fell in love with Starbucks and have been on a major hunt to find copycat frappuccinos and other tasty drinks!

5. Crafts

I have not yet attempted anything on my DIY board but there are so many super cool ideas I hope to try soon! Some look really easy and some require more skill but I'm always looking for free time to try some of this stuff!

6. Weddings

Everyone dreams of their special day and, I know people of varying relationship statuses who are currently using Pinterest to plan theirs. I am not different. I have my own wedding board for the special day I hope to have! From dresses to reception ideas I've found a bit of everything on Pinterest and, I love it even more for that.

7. Home

I've found many things I want to incorporate into my future home and the apartment I'll be moving into. Our Little Apartment is the board my boyfriend and I have been using to look for things we want and need.

8. Kids

Kids are NOT in my near future plans but some things I couldn't help but add to a future babies board. So in the distant (and let me emphasize distant) future I hope to get these/ do these things.

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