7 Types Of People At Corepower
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Corepower is a passion of mine, and I flow through yoga sculpt 5-6 times per week now. After a few months, I've noticed some trends! Here are 7 types of people who attend each Corepower class (many of which are me)!

1. Better than the instructor

This person also has clearly taken yoga for a while now, and will always pick the harder variations of poses, and add their own poses in when they see fit. To be honest, I watch this person in my peripheral and aspire to be her!

2. Knows-it-all

This is the person who's obviously been to this instructor's class before, and will start moving into the next pose a split second before the instructor even said the next pose. Kind of annoying, but we get it - you know your stuff.

3. Sweating buckets

Honestly, me. There's always people in class whose towels are noticeable drenched in sweat, and every inch of their skin looks slick. Shedding water weight before your eyes!

4. Just starting out

Everyone when they first started doing yoga. Characteristics include coming down to a child's pose often and using the lightest weights (still me). We all start somewhere! Go you!

5. Regular

I go to yoga at 6:30pm pretty much every day, and by now I recognize the regulars who also go at 6:30 every day. We even gravitate towards our same spot whenever we go.

6. Sweatpants

The first time I went to yoga sculpt, I didn't know what to wear so I went with a tank top and sweatpants. Huge mistake. Will never do that again.

7. Infectiously happy

This is the person who's always smiling, and jumps for joy during cardio. Usually my face looks permanently stressed during yoga, so I aspire to be more like this person.

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