Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder
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Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder

Everyone has downloaded the app at least once in their life.

Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder

Being ashamed of online dating has a become a thing of the past. In the 21st century, it's okay to photoshop yourself and disappoint at first meet. Websites like" eHarmony" and "Match.com," have made millions on this theory, but there's one dating app that has changed the game for the lonely teens in America, Tinder. Whether you accept it or not, everyone has downloaded the app at least once in their life and realized that the philosophy behind the app is very stupid. After the app has served its purpose, whether it be to get you laid or actually finding your Tinderella, there are the specific types of guys every girl comes across while swiping right.

1. The Pretty Boy

This guy literally has nothing written in his bio and his photo features him shirtless or with very tight clothes. At times, he could be questionable for gay, but he's so attractive that you could careless. You'll probably never have any interaction, but at least it boosts your self-esteem.

2. The Nice Guy

Like the saying goes, "nice guys finish last," sadly it's true. Well at least for many girls. The problem with these guys isn't that they're bad looking it's that they try to hard either by over doing it with the compliments or messaging you 24/7 even when you forget to respond. This is the one who most likely is looking for a long-term thing. After writing this, I've realized this is the reason I am single. #GiveThemAChance

3. The Under-Achiever

Who can resist a bad boy? Well, an under-achiever is usually pretty good looking but has nothing going for them. No job or a bad job, no ambition and most likely "4/20 friendly." Oddly your standards get lower the more they message you. Then, you speak to them in person and you can't handle their voice and un-match them.

4. The Weird One

This is the one who hits your soft spot even though they're nothing like your type. They're super weird but your finger has no control and swipes right. Oh well at least they're great at conversation.

5. The One With Kids

Do I really have to explain? No, just no.

6. "I'm just looking for friends"

This is the guy who is secretly a slut but won't admit, same thing for girls. They claim to have friends but are definitely trying to get in your pants.

7. The Crush

There comes a time in one in hundreds of swipes that you find your secret crush. You automatically get so excited and then you realize he swiped left on you, lol just kidding. You don't get courage to talk to them anyways so you stay single and forever alone.

8. Friend

These are definitely the best, especially when friends try to deny they don't have a Tinder. No worries it's okay to be needy ain't nobody judging. But in reality we are.

9. The One That's Only DTF

The number one guy you'll find on Tinder. "DTF?" is the only acronym they know. All they care about is getting laid and aren't shy about it. Most of the them are pretty bad looking.

10. Your Next Mistake

You finally decide to meet up with one and realize later on he was the most dangerous of them all. They act like good guys but in reality have bad intentions. Hence becoming your next mistake.

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