It's midway through the first semester of the school year, and it's safe to say that most students know their classmates by now. We've either made a couple of friends here or there or chosen to stay away from others. A couple weeks ago, my lunch group and I got into a hilarious conversation about the types of people we all see at school. The idea was so funny and relatable, I decided to write about it.

So, without further commentary, here are 21 people we've all seen in high school at one point or another.

Note: These descriptions are purely for entertainment and relatable purposes and are not meant to single anybody out. Enjoy!

1. The really smart one who never ceases to show off her/his grades.

A.K.A., the one who doesn't know how to socialize in any situation, because all they can talk about is their grades. Plus, if they get a 99 percent on something... well, you'll probably see them crying in the bathroom about how their life is practically over.

2. The.... uh... unfiltered one.

To be honest, there's one of them in every high school friend group.

3. The extremely sarcastically savage one.

I would probably take the Oscar for one.

4. The class clown

They're hilarious, and they make teaching time an absolute pain for teachers.

5. Your twin (you guys probably have invisibly conjoined brains... it's creepy)

The person I'm talking about right now (and if she's reading this) knows exactly that I'm talking about her.

6. The fashionista (Mean Girls style)

She looks good, and she knows it. She could be wearing sweatpants, but eyeliner is always on fleek. And she's not afraid to point out that your sports shoes don't go with your skinny jeans.

7. The one who just doesn't care — about anything.

All I can tell you is you have no future.

8. The "wannabe" popular

This person tries to act like they're popular and all that, but the reality is, they're at the bottom of the food chain like the rest of us.

9. The "actually" popular (who annoys everyone in the entire school) and knows it.

This is usually a group of people and each grade level has their own, I guess you could say (unfortunately), the popular group of people. The worst part is they know they're popular.

10. The "YES! I passed!"

While most of you read that and thought "hmm, don't we all want to pass?" The answer to that would be no because most of us want to get B's and A's. This person solely focuses on bare minimum passing.

11. The couple of the year

Each year, there is a goals "couple of the year" that everyone "coos" and "aww's" over. They're so goals; they do everything together. They're beautiful. (Until the breakup.) Wait what... who said that...

12. The backstabber

If you tell this person one thing, you best be knowing that whatever you told them will probably be heard by every person in this school by the end of the day (school administration included).

13. The "drama" kid

Nah, I don't mean they cause drama. They're literally a "drama" kid. They work in the drama department and everyone knows it. Either they're really good at acting so you see them in every play, or if you make plans with them, they can't ever make it, because they've always got rehearsals.

14. The music prodigy

They don't just play everything. They play everything well. They're in the top orchestra and bands. They have the first chair. They are the next Mozart.

15. The person who everyone absolutely loves.

They're just so nice! They're super sweet and kind-hearted, and you have no clue how a person like this can exist. Even a person like me, who takes the Oscar for savagery, can't make a single teasing comment to this person.

16. The daily scoop

This person is the one you get your daily scoop of gossip from. They know everything about everyone. If you need to stalk someone or low-key need some high-key information on another person, you go to the daily scoop, and they can hook you up with the information or person you need.

17. The vape fanatics

Every high school has that one group of people that just vape. And that's literally all they're known for. The fact that they vape. Have you ever gone into your high school washroom, and there's just smoke everywhere? That means the vapies of the school have been there. You'll see them vaping on their Snapchat stories or Instagram videos. Literally, every conversation will go something like this:

"Hey, do you know 'so and so'?"

"Yeah, the one that vapes?"

"Yep, that's the one."

...Some of these people might also fall under the category of #7. But hey, there are a few that continue to surprise.

18. The potheads

Now, these are different from the vape fanatics in the sense that vape fanatics just vape. Potheads, on the other hand, deal with actual hard drugs. Best to stay away from them and what they deal with (literally). From experience, potheads like to stay on the down-low. You'll never know who they are. The person sitting next to you could be a pothead. The really smart guy from your psychology class could also be a pothead.

19. The mathletes and science Olympians (who will fight to the death)

They do math like it's a sport. They do science like they're competing for a gold medal. It's not just about bragging about grades. It's about how they compete in grades. These guys are different from #1, because #1 just focuses on their own grades. But with these academic athletes, you best be knowing that if you get a 95 in something, and they find out about it, they will (low-key) challenge you to a duel until the end of the semester.

Here's what a low-key conversation with an academic Olympian would sound like:

Olympian: "How'd you do on the test?"

You: "Pretty well, I got a 95. What about you?"

Olympian: "95? Man, that sucks. I got a 100. It's fine dude, you'll do better next time."

In reality, a 95 is not a bad grade at all (seriously, it's not). But if you're an Olympian, your life goal is to make the other person feel bad about their grade.

Of course, there are the regular mathletes and science Olympians who just compete in the school competitions which is pretty cool, but keep it to yourself and in the sport itself. Don't bring other people's grades into it.

20. The school-wide crushed

No. Not the school-wide crush. The school-wide crushed. Before I get ahead of myself, let me just clear it up: this person can be a girl or guy. They crush on almost every person in the school, and it eventually gets annoying. Their crushes usually last from a span of a week to maybe a month depending on the liked person. And when the school-wide crushed finds out they aren't liked back... let's just say, it gets messy.

21. The foodie

Don't sit next to this person during lunch unless you want your entire lunch consumed without you noticing. The foodie usually takes your food without asking, thinking that you won't mind. But there is a limit, my friends. Sure, once in a while you can sneak a fry. But eventually, it's considered rude. No matter how close my friends are to me if someone tries to take my food without asking me, it's WWIII in the cafeteria.