15 Types of Friends We All Know

15 Types Of Friends We All Experience At One Point Or Another

Life is about making friends but there are some we all wish we know, knew, or never wanted to meet.


From the worst to the best, this is a list of friends that everyone is going to come across no matter if you become friends or not is up to you.

The User


We all have or will meet this person in the future. It's that one person that calls themselves your friend but don't talk to you unless they are bored or need something from you. This person is untrustworthy and you will realize who they are but won't say anything because once you stop giving them stuff, they will not talk to you anymore.
- Makes empty promises
- Goes back on their word
- Prioritize their "real" friends over you

The Obsessive One


That person who doesn't have many friends so they stick to you like white on rice. They are also known as the annoying friend that you really try to and out with occasionally... only occasional though.
- No matter how much you try, they consistently blow up your phone with messages
- Always asks you where you are and if you are free
- Say whatever they want because they don't know how to socialize

The Party Animal / Drunk


The girl/guy that always wants to party and get drunk even though they really shouldn't. You can't stop them no matter what and this person will not and will refuse to listen to reason.
- Usually tries to drag her friends to the party, no matter how much their friends protest.
- Begs friends to go by quilting them because they don't want to go alone.
- Doesn't take anything seriously and jokes around too much

The Too Serious One


Usually called the joy-kill or the party-pooper, this person doesn't mean to be serious but they probably haven't had much fun in their life or are very law-abiding and studious. This is the person that although you can't joke with them, they are your smartest friend and can set you on the right path.
- Able to help you study, no matter what the subject
- Because they are serious, they can set a serious study mood
- Don't get jokes and will look at you funny when they don't get it

The Complainer


This is another to avoid if at all possible. Their standards for everything is way too high and it is a bridge that you will never be able to understand.
- Complains about anything and everything
- Turns a normal conversation into a rant or debate
- Don't like your opinions because "they are always right"

The Weird one (in a bad way)


That person who you really don't want to be around but you try to see the good in them so you hang out but no matter what, they are still weird.
- Does creepy or strange things no normal person should do
- Does stuff they know you don't like
- You try to stay friends but it doesn't work and you will grow apart for other friends.
- They are no compatible with your personality

The Weird one (in a good way)


The person who lifts the atmosphere and will naturally make you laugh because they understand what humor is and what humor you like from being around you so long.
- Knows when to stop and how far is too far
- Unlike the bad one, they are ones you can identify with on certain things
- Can make a awkward situation into a fun one

The Social Media Guru


The one to update you on all the latest memes, trends, news, fashion, and internet sensations. This is the person that knows what is going on in the world but usually misses what is around them because of social media.
- Constantly on their cellphone
- Always taking pictures of random things
- The one you will find out about random stuff from

The Flirt


We know this person to hit on whoever they are interested in and even your other friends. Some don't really care for a serious relationship and others hit on people even if they are in a relationship.
- Tries to make everything sexual
- Has at least 100 "potential partners" numbers in her phone
- Is not shy when it comes to the topic of sex or relationships

The Foodie


The one who has a high level of appreciation for food and will tell you when they are hungry. These people can identify food by its smell and the really mage level ones can tell you what store or brand it is. They are the best ones when you want to eat great but on a budget. They have the hook-up.
- Always tries to convince you to go eat
- Will give you the best tips about eating and places to eat at
- No matter what, take food gifts gratefully and as a compliment

The Health Nut


This is a guy/girl that motivates you or makes you hate human beings. Like, how on Earth do they have the willpower to exercise with their bed always nearby and are able to resist snacks?? I need to know this secret because these are the ones that make you want to lose weight or just be active and will help you.
- Always at the Gym
- Eats health and has a really nice body
- Will help you to develop a gym schedule and will even be your Gym buddy (if you hate going alone)

The Talented One


That's right. You are going to or already have met a person that always or just once boasts about what they have done in order to get validation from you that they are that great. Usually, their either one of the coolest people and only boast about it momentarily and just aims to do everything they are able to or they always refer to the past because that is all they have. No matter what...
- Ego doesn't allow them to step down from a challenge
- Brings up past accomplishment to make you feel small or inspire you
- Hype themselves up and usually will back you up in a fight

That One really "Out-There" Friend


I usually try to avoid these people but as I recently made one of these friends, I can say that these are really one of the most fearless and embarrassing friends that you are going to be laughing you butt off whenever they talk.
- Aren't afraid of what other people say
- Fearlessly wears what you wouldn't dream of wearing
- Does what you wouldn't but wish you could

The Mom (This is Me)


Usually the oldest out of all of you, this is the person that everyone looks to when something goes wrong or someone needs help. This person would go to the ends of the Earth to find out what's wrong and "take care" of the problem for you. They don't mind getting their hands dirty for you because they want to be needed and to help their friends.
- Wants to take care of you
- Acts in your interest (no matter how much you don't think they do)
- Usually conservative and never wants unwanted attention because you are the priority

The Genuine Friend


Everyone needs one. A real friend will be one of your most treasured relationships in this life. They are fit to be your soulmate and you are even able to talk to them and do things with them that you wouldn't in front of your loved ones like fart in front of them, look like a slob in front of them, and talk about your weirdness.
- Can confide in them
- Can trust with secrets you can't tell other people
- No matter what you do they understand you
- Are brutally honest (and you respect that)

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