'Twas The Week Before Finals

'Twas the week before finals, everyone was stressed out;

Not an emotion was shown, not even a smile;

The presentations were being finalized with an ounce of care,

In hopes that all of the professors wouldn't care and just give you an A;

The students were buried in their textbooks, longing for a break;

While visions of Netflix and chilling danced in their heads;

And homesickness was real as ever,

Had the material just settled our brains for at least a B, but never

I looked out to street where there arose such a chatter,

I sprinted from my apartment to see what was the matter.

Away to the stairs I flew like a flash,

Fell down them and landed with a crash.

There was the first snow,

Took a picture and SnapChatted all I knew,

Just so they could enjoy the view,

But a that wasn't even true,

With a imagination and positivity,

I knew in a blink of an eye that it must be that presentation that hasn't gotten done.

Talking and taunting me in my mind,

And it came to life whistled, and shouted, and called me by name:

"Now, please, please write me! Don’t give up now!

Oh, come one it isn’t that hard! Just another 12 more slide of a PowerPoint and you will be done!”

In my mind I thought: To the quietest place I should go. To the library I go!

Now hush everyone! Please stop talking! Please I ask you!

As the moment that awaits your entire grade and could change your live arises,

When then comes the biggest challenge, the printers were all out of paper;

Not a surprise there,

So to plan B you go, scrambling, mind boggling, people can take notes instead of a handout

With the backpack full of the semester’s worth of knowledge and learnings and a To-Do list 70 pages long-

And then, in an ounce of greatness, I heard from the back of my mind

There was cheering and clapping coming from behind.

As I drew in my head, and was turning around,

Down the stairs I go again, tripping and falling, the week of finals was abound.

My final presentation was here;

I was energized by coffee and my mind was going 200 miles a minute,

And my cardigan was not even buttoned correctly;

The professionalism grade on the presentation went automatically to a zero,

And my professor looked at me like a why the hell are you even here?

Their eyes—how they were an awe! So wide, you may has well come in your pjs!

Their face was stern and their mood was unyielding!

They looked so perfect, but the smirk on their face was waiting to destroy you and your grade,

And the smile on their face was as mischievous;

I was frightened and clothed with fear,

And the smell of failure, it encircled my head like a thorn in my side;

I then stood up, a brave face and all.

I looked into the crowd of my peers, all-staring at me.

I couldn’t handle it. You feel butterflies forming in your stomach

I tried to smile away the nervousness,

And I looked at my friend who was rooting for me, despite of what I was doing;

A blink of an eye and the sound of the timer beginning,

It gave me to know I had nothing to dread, but everything to loose;

I opened my mouth spoke not a word, but then I tried again,

And spoke then with nervousness; then turned into a wrath of confidence,

And folding my hands to act like I was okay,

And giving a slight smile, up the confidence level went;

At the end, I walked to my seat, as the roar of clapping went

And away all of my anxiety and pessimism went.

Then I heard my alarm, I looked at the time-apparently this all was just a dream—

“Happy Finals to all, and good luck to all!”

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