Why TV Shows And Movies Give Unrealistic Expectations of Relationships
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Why TV Shows And Movies Give Unrealistic Expectations of Relationships

Unrealistic Expectations of Relationships

Why TV Shows And Movies Give Unrealistic Expectations of Relationships

I've been watching a lot of TV Shows and romantic comedies lately so I figured this would be a suiting topic to write about. :)

1. Your celeb crush and lifelong best friend are both vying for your love.

This example is from the movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. In this scene, Pete tries to psych out Rosalee's celeb crush Tad Hamilton to see who's the most in love with her. Admit it girls, you wish this could happen to you.

2. Love always has a happy ending.

As much as we all wish that our relationships will have a happy ending, we can't always guarantee that. Even the longest and happiest relationships can end in a flash.

3. Both partners in the relationship never get sick of one another.

This assumption couldn't be farther from the truth. No matter how much both partners may appear to enjoy one another's company, there will always be times when they need to take a breather from one another.

4. Your crush/partner/significant other will wake you out of a coma.

Tragedy often happens in reality and as much as we hope our significant other would be able to snap us out of a coma with an act of true love's kiss, that's rarely the case.

5. Your crush/partner/significant other will always be by your side.

This is something that's often promised early on in a relationship... but turns out to be a lie down the line. No matter how much you want to believe the person you love most in the world will always be there for you, there is no guarantee that things will work out that way.

6. Long distance won't change your relationship.

Many girls out there have watched the Notebook at least once or twice and remember when Noah wrote letters to Allie for a year and she eventually stopped answering back. After stopping, she eventually met Lon and got engaged to him. That scenario often occurs in real life. Sure long distance is easy to manage at first, but a few months down the line, people realize how lonely they are and end up calling it quits to their long distance relationship.

7. If you apologize for cheating, no harm has been done.

WRONG!!!! Like Eric Forman from that 70s Show, you shouldn't feel sorry for the person that cheated. Sure everyone's human, but if the person really didn't want to be with you anymore, they could have properly broken up with you before diving into another relationship while still being in one with you. Cheating is childish and the cowardly way out.

8. The person you love will never try to change you.

Rumple and Belle try to cover up the tension in their relationship often. Rumple wants Belle to be lenient of his actions and Belle constantly throws ultimatums at Rumple to choose between her and his love of power. Always remember that if someone really loves you, they will accept you as you are and never make you give up the things you hold dearest to you.

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