10 TV Characters That Would Be Awesome Friends To Have IRL
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10 TV Characters That Would Be Awesome Friends To Have IRL

Your next bestie is just beyond the screen...

10 TV Characters That Would Be Awesome Friends To Have IRL

As an active TV viewer, I constantly get sucked into the storylines and envision myself as one of the characters. But I often think whilst this pretending, how many of these characters would actually be my fantastic friend, party pal, and best buddy?

So, here is a list of TV characters that would totally make the top ten friends list:

Vanya Hargreeves from "The Umbrella Academy"


Definitely not a force to be reckoned with. She would keep you entertained with her endless family drama and serenade you with her beautiful violin playing. Just don't get her angry...

Jake Peralta from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"


Come on who wouldn't want to be friends with this cop version of Peter Pan. You'll never get bored with his childish antics or interesting cop stories. But don't try to be his best friend, that's reserved for Charles.

Tina Belcher from "Bob's Burgers"


This quirky turkey should be everyone's friend! Down to earth, hard worker, and great big sister, Tina would definitely have your back and keep you safe as the calming voice of reason. And of course, don't forget her smooth dance moves!

Jamal Turner from "On My Block"


Literally the funniest one in any group of friends! His personality lights up the room as you roll around on the floor dying from one of his jokes. Plus maybe you'll get rich as you two try to solve another "roller world" case.

Pam Beesly from "The Office"


Who says coworkers can't be friends! Pam would be the best buddy to work alongside and offer a shoulder to cry on when you needed it. Yet, you might not get a lot of work done with the constant office pranks you two pull.

Steven Universe from "Steven Universe"


It's only a matter of time before you become Steven's friend. His lovable energy sucks you into his pink bubble of happiness. He would definitely be the friend that would be there anytime to have your back in a fight or help you get your life together. Make sure not to bring up his mom though...

Eleven from "Stranger Things"


Why wouldn't you want to bring friends with Eleven? She is a complete badass with powers that would always protect you from potential danger, perhaps maybe some Russians, otherworldly creatures, or sometimes even a bad relationship. Just remember to be honest with her, 'cause friends don't lie.

Spencer Reid from "Criminal Minds"


Reid is definitely that one friend you can always call on to help you study for a test, input information on a term paper, or access any knowledge about literally anything. Be sure to stop him every once a while from the educational babbling that he does though.

Mabel Pines from "Gravity Falls"


Honestly, everyone needs a Mabel in their life. Her upbeat spirit keeps you smiling 24/7 as you both explore the great unknown. You'll have fun adventures together filled with cuddles from Waddles and daring swings from her trusty grappling hook. But most importantly, keep her away from smile dip.

Magnus Bane from "Shadowhunters"


The Shadow world is already jammed packed with excitement, and not only having a warlock as part of your supernatural squad but having the High Warlock of Brooklyn be your party pal is even better.

Magnus's charming attitude mixed with his magic knowledge makes for the ultimate good time. Just don't mention his father, it sorta brings up his daddy issues.

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