10 T.V. Characters I Wish I Could Meet In Real Life
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10 T.V. Characters I Wish I Could Meet In Real Life

It would be a dream come true.

10 T.V. Characters I Wish I Could Meet In Real Life

I think we can all agree that we would like to meet certain fictional characters as we binge watch shows. Whether it be old or new, it would become a dream come true. Here’s a list of characters I wish I could meet in no particular order:

1. Leslie Knope – Parks and Recreation

I recently finished up the series of Parks and Recreation, and I am obsessed with Leslie. She is a strong and confident female main character who would always be there to support her family and friends when needed be. Lastly, I would like to meet her because we both have a knack for organizing and scheduling as well as finding the right gifts for our close friends.

2. Ben Wyatt – Parks and Recreation

Ben is a soft hearted and dorky person, but he will stand up for what he believes in. Though his encounters may be tough as first, just as Leslie, he will find a way through. Also, who wouldn’t want to meet the husband of the amazing Leslie Knope?

3. Christina Yang – Grey’s Anatomy

She is the queen of sass, funny, sarcastic, incredibly intelligent, assertive, and so much more. She took pride in being a surgeon and did all things possible to exert her best effort and potential. Christina was also Meredith Grey’s best friend; she supported her no matter what Grey was going through.

4. Jim Halpert – The Office

The Office is a whole different genre within the world of television, and Jim is one of the people who makes it different. Explaining his role would be difficult, but this uniqueness that he acquires makes me want to meet him.

5. Dwight Schrute – The Office

Another character in the series which makes the show unique is Dwight. He lacks common sense and makes a big deal out of the most insignificant things. Because of this, Jim and Pam (another character in the series) enjoy pulling pranks on him. Honestly, I would love to meet him if that meant I had a chance to prank him.

6. House – House M.D.

I grew up watching House with my mom and as a child I wished that I would be a confident dentist just as he was an extremely confident doctor in his field. I also admired how he could solve such difficult health puzzles easily in comparison to the other doctors around him.

7. Chandler Bing – Friends

As I grew to love Friends, I came to realize that many people could easily relate to Chandler. He is confident on the outside, but on the inside is insecure and has no idea what is going on in his life. Also, he tends to make a lot of jokes that aren't funny to some people. Lastly, he is faithful to all of his good friends just as previous characters I have mentioned.

8. Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

Robin enjoys eating a ton of food just as I do and overanalyzes everything she does. She also comes up with amazing comebacks and burns; it would be nice to hear her responses in person and experience a Scherbatsky burn. Lastly, she does not care about what other people think and I think it would be great for me to learn from her.

9. Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots – Reign

Though this show is not historically accurate, I respect everything that Mary has done for her loved ones and her country. She risks her only life for the sake of another. Mary is also a female ruler and that is a big deal especially during the 16th century and I would like to know first hand of all the power she felt at the time

10. Steve McGarrett – Hawaii Five-O

I grew up watching this show and I enjoyed being part of the fast-paced show. Honestly, I couldn’t choose just one character so I ended up choosing the show’s main character, Steve, and if I managed to meet him in the real world, then I would easily be introduced to the rest of the cast (but I guess that would be the case for the characters beforehand).

These characters reflect certain aspects of my life and it would be a great experience to meet someone I relate to even if they are fictional.

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