6 TV Characters' Style To Steal This Season
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6 TV Characters' Style To Steal This Season

Fall is here and winter is coming -- are you fashionably ready?

6 TV Characters' Style To Steal This Season
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For many of us, autumn has arrived. As much as I love summer, I'm a fool for fall and winter. I'm an even bigger fool for fall/winter fashion. Beanies and sweaters and boots, Oh my! I'm someone who gets their style inspiration from whatever show I'm currently watching or whatever the last movie was that I watched.

For instance, If I'm rewatching "New Girl" for the billionth time, my style is much more girly, happy and flowery filled than after I've been watching "Arrow" or "Criminal Minds"; in that case, it's way more along the lines of "I'm ready to go into action with my leather jacket" kind of style. Here are a few characters from television and film that could help to inspire some of your wardrobe choices this season. (All of these will be styles traditionally geared towards women. So if you're male, feel free to read on just now it may not be your particular taste.)

1. Any of the "Friends" girls

Rachel is the one best known for her style but I think Monica and Phoebe deserve just as much credit. These characters different styles are easy to recreate especially with the 90s fashion coming back into style. You can create the Monica look easily with light-wash jeans, oversized sweaters, and a pair of plain white shoes. Rachel's style is more skirts, specifically plaid paired with solid colored long sleeve shirts and over the knee socks. Long dresses with funky patterns are more the route you'd want to take for that "Buffay" look.

2. Thea Queen from "Arrow"

If you don't watch arrow you are missing out on some serious bad-assery. Thea's style is very laid back but also very fashionable at the same time. She typically pairs black high waisted pants with a crop top or a sweater and jacket. It's comfortable but works just as well to jump in the air, do a 360 turn and then kick a bad guy in the chest.

3. Quinn Fabray from "Glee"

Quinn's styles has got to be one of my favorite go-to styles. It's adorable, to say the least. The necessities for the "Quinn" look are dresses, waist belts, and cardigans. On the shoe side of things, Quinn is typically wearing some type of oxfords or boots that fall right below the knee!

4. Kara Danvers from "Supergirl"

When Kara Danvers isn't flying around saving the world as Supergirl, she's an assistant/promoted to a reporter at Catco News. You can almost always count on her to have a collar on whatever dress or shirt she's wearing. For the cooler months, a sweater that goes along with the dress pattern can easily be thrown on top to have the collar peeking out and to make sure you stay cozy.

5. Serena VDW from "Gossip Girl"

Of course I couldn't do this list without adding Serena. This style is definitely geared towards someone who lives more in the north than say someone in LA. Tights and coats with big buttons, to put it simply are must-haves. A matching glove and scarf combo with boots are also needed to complete this look. I love wearing outfits like this when it's especially cold and I know I'm going to be walking downtown or outdoors for a big part of my day.

6. Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Holly Golightly rocks the neutral toned sweaters and pants...until it comes to the bright orange coat. Her outfits are so simple and classy that they will never go out of style and are guaranteed to look great on anyone.

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