If you've seen "New Girl," then you know exactly who Nick Miller is. He's the grouchy, man-child that we all LOVE, but also, he's the most relatable person, don't lie. In fact, you probably didn't know you were turning into him...

1. You don't know how to "do" fancy restaurants...

There's SO many utensils and nobody understands what's going on.

2. You make bad decisions, but you'd probably do it again.

Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

3. You're making an effort to be healthier...

*goes on diet*

*literally puts in the minimal effort and hopes for the best*

4. You do what you want.

No sign will tell you what to do.

5. You watch a lot of TV.

And you have no shame in binge-watching.

6. You spend your money wisely...kind of...

I mean, we have to eat to survive so...

7. You tell it like it is.

Even if you probably shouldn't.

8. You're pretty wise.

You definitely know what you're talking about, even if other people don't.

9. You're honest with yourself.

None of us are good at adulting, though, so...

10. You look for the good in everything. 

Might as well enjoy what you can.

11. You do somewhat productive things with your free time. 

Half a book is more than no book!

12. You're just out here living your best life. 

Even if it's a weird life.

13. You're not really a people person...

Because they are, in fact, the worst.

14. You don't like responsibilities.

Responsibilities get in the way of the all day TV watching.

15. You try to your best to be a good person for those you love. 

Even if your help isn't the best.

So, are you a Nick Miller?