9 Reasons To Be Thankful For Thanksgiving

Ever since I was younger, when asked what my favorite holiday was I would say Thanksgiving. A lot of people would be confused because everyone's favorite holiday is Christmas. Thanksgiving is coming up, and I'm getting so excited! Here are 9 reasons why we should love Thanksgiving!

1. FOOD!


I love food! On this special holiday I eat the best food ever. Nothing beats home cooked meals.

2. The leftovers


We always have leftovers for DAYS! Leftovers are literally my best friend. I bring leftover Thanksgiving to work and to school until it finishes.

3. Guilt free eating


Honestly on this day you can devour as much food as you want and you won't be judged for it. You won't feel bad for overeating because it's a holiday that requires you to eat a lot.

4. No school


Even though we have no classes for a few days, I appreciate it. We need a break from school from time to time.

5. Means the new year is coming


Time sure does fly by. Whenever Thanksgiving passes I then realize the new year is almost here.

6. Family time


Sometimes you only see a lot of your family on this day and it feels good to get together and talk.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!


I don't care what anyone says about Black Friday, I love it! I've been going Black Friday shopping for 11 years now and will never stop going. I get the best deals on this day. Cyber Monday is great too!

Thanksgiving themed episodes of your favorite shows


A lot of my favorite shows have Thanksgiving themed episodes, and those are always great.

9. Being thankful


While you're sitting down with your family, eating your food you'll look around and see how blessed you are. Some people don't have food or family and you have both. You'll feel very thankful for your life.

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