The Podcasts That Have Changed My Life
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The Podcasts That Have Changed My Life

As we wrap up March - #trypod month - here are my favorite podcasts

The Podcasts That Have Changed My Life

The more knowledge you have, the greater control you have. During the month of March, top podcast hosts joined forces and encouraged their listeners to share their favorite podcasts with their friends using the hashtag #trypod. Podcasts are one of my absolute favorite resources. Podcasts spur new ideas in sales and marketing, inspire self-development, encourage you to push yourself, make you laugh, give you a new point of view, create a sense of belonging and open up your world. I love when I find an innovative host who broadens my world in an interesting way through their podcast.

“We believe what we want to believe, and once we believe something, it becomes a self-fulfilling truth," said Seth Godin.

Most people watch the same shows, listen to the same people in their lives and never pop the bubble surrounding them. By listening to podcasts you can immensely broaden your horizons, especially if you listen to a podcast that is pushing you to expand your way of thinking. Don't just listen to one sports podcast because you like sports. Find other ways to challenge yourself and learn.

Last week, I had a chance to hear Peyton Manning speak. He was just as wonderful as I expected. The number one thing that stuck out to me was his advice on growth. He said, "Be led by your dreams and never stop being coached." Not everyone has an actual coach in their life but you can seek out people who share the traits you aspire towards. They say you are most like the five people you surround yourself with. If your life isn't going as you'd like, find better voices to fill your head - thought leaders, movers and shakers, positive people.

I love to read books but not everyone does. Audio books are an awesome alternative. I also love podcasts. They get my mind going in all directions. I listen to podcasts while I get ready in the morning, on my drive to work and on my drive home. TIME recently put together their top 50 podcasts. Here are my personal favorites.

1. 10% Happier with Dan Harris
This podcast has more or less changed my life. I was a huge skeptic of meditation. I thought it was weird, hippy stuff that wasn't for me. Then I started listening to this show. Dan Harris brings on actors, NBA coaches, celebrities and regular people.

I can tell when I'm being diligent in meditation and mindfulness and when I am not. I related really well to Dan Harris. I was a skeptic but I learned the power of breath and mindfulness. Dan Harris, ABC anchor, had a panic attack on "Good Morning America," in front of 5+ million. This pushed him to set out on a journey of happiness. After his panic attack, he realized he needed to make changes. He went on a journey towards enlightenment and self-help. He still considers himself a skeptic of meditation but he learned having a worldview that is broader than your own personal interests is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and community. He shares how mindfulness helps us from losing our temper, not thinking through our decisions and not being aware of our own emotions. He always thought meditation was solely for hippies and weird people and not for him. He also brings up the studies neuroscientists are currently doing on patient's who are meditating and the benefits they are seeing with stress, neurological issues, addiction and anxiety. He brings multiple guests on to discuss their own journey with meditation. Some of my favorite guests include:

• #61: Dr. Judson Brewer , Using Mindfulness to Beat Addiction
• #31: Dr. Michael Gervais , Sports Psychologist - mostly known for serving as the mindfulness coach for the Seattle Seahawks and other professional athletes
• #37: Tony Wright, Exonerated After 25 Years - explains how meditation and mindfulness changed his time spent incarcerated and helped him deal with life after being wrongfully convicted and spending 25 years in prison.

2. TED Radio Hour
I am always fascinated to learn something new from a TED talk. This podcast combines multiple TED talks around a central topic. Sometimes the guests have conflicting views and sometimes they have similar views. I always learn something new from this podcast. A few of my favorites include:

3. The Short Story Long by Chris "Drama" Pfaff (previously on the "Rob and Big" show)
I love this podcast for the authenticty and transparency it brings. He brings on various people who have made a name for themselves. These people show the reality of what they went through, the obstacles they had to overcome and their gratefulness for their achievements. He says you can't google how to be successful but you can learn a tremendous amount from people who have been in the trenches. A couple of my favorite episodes include:

•#44 Nick Swardson: Actor/Comedian (best known from Grandma's Boy and other Adam Sandler movies). This one is a bit vulgar at times but he has a great story and at the end, encourages teenagers to learn all they can and ditch the drugs/alcohol while they're in school.
•#43 Phil Krim : Co-Founder of Casper

4. The Living Experiment: Rethink Your Choices
I have a great admiration for Dallas Hartwig. His work in the Whole 30 ultimately led to me realizing I have a gluten intolerance and nearly healed my hemiplegic migraines. His book "Whole 30" and "It Starts with Food" have completely changed my way of thinking about food and health. This podcast is Dallas Hartwig and Pilar Gerasimo talking very bluntly about healthy, happy, conscious living — plus real-life "experiments" to help you discover the practical shifts that work best for you. Some of my favorite episodes include:

#1 Freak
#28 Healthy Deviance
#26 Nourished

5. Talking Tech by USA Today
These podcasts are quick 3-5 minute snippets about the newest news in tech. They keep you up to date with the coolest gadgets and let you know what's worth the money or not.

Reviewed's 33 Top CES Winners
Coolest Thing We Saw at CES? Robots.

6. The Model Health Show
This show is a wealth of knowledge. It is rated the #1 Health and #1 Fitness and Nutrition podcast on Itunes. Shawn, the host, was a college athlete and diagnosed with an incurable degenerative spine disease at 20. His doctor told him he had the spine of an 80-year-old and there was nothing they could do. He dealt with the pain and hopelessness for 2 years before he decided to do something about it. He began taking in every bit of information he could on health and the human body. He changed his diet, even though doctors said it wouldn't help, started doing certain exercises and then felt the pain start disappearing. With so much misinformation out in the world, he has made it his mission to bring on the most knowledgeable individuals and provide a wealth of information. My favorite epidsodes include:

#210: The 4 Reasons You're Tired All The Time
#209: How Culture Controls Your Lifespan
•#200: 15 of the Biggest Health, Fitness and Life Lessons from the Last 100 Shows

7. How I Built This
I love learning what obstacles a person went through in their path to building something incredible. It's great to see the passion and drive behind the scenes of these companies and brands. Very inspirational. A few of my favorites are:

8. Good Life Project
This podcast brings people together who are seeking to learn how to live a life of deep meaning, joy and connection. It has evolved into a global movement full of inspiration and opportunities to learn, to grow and come alive.

•Vanessa Van Edwards: Hacking Social Interaction for Good
•Michelle Gielan: Broadcasting Happiness

9. The Paleo Women Podcast
This podcast is two women frankly speaking about life as it relates to their quest for health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and body image. They provide really great tips for eating for optimal nutrition in today's hectic world.

•#96 Unpacking Adrenal Fatigue Hormonal Imbalance and Caloric Intake
•#91 Physical Manifestations of Stress, Eczema, Dry Skin and Food Intolerance

10. Balanced Bites: Modern Paleo Living
These ladies talk about healthy mindset, the importance of health in today's world, the key nutrition plays in our lives and more.

•#237 Adrenal Fatigue, Carbs and Calories
•#230 Women's Health and Infertility

11. Seth Godin's Startup School
Seth Godin is one of my favorite thought leaders. He has published some incredible books and is truly brilliant. He is a marketing and business whiz. He led thirty entrepreneurs through a workshop and here in this podcast you get a rare opportunity to walk through his coaching segments.

•#4 Appealing to Consumers
•#10 Tactics

12. Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell
I am also a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell. His books are some of my favorites. His analysis and thought leadership is extremely thought provoking. In these podcasts, he looks at well-known events, such as David and Goliath, and explains the truth of the situation. These podcasts are always so interesting.

Saigon, 1965

13. The Tim Ferris Show
I have always enjoyed listening to the people Tim Ferris brings on his show. Learning the daily habits and thoughts of some of the greatest minds or celebrities is extremely intriguing. He brings on an assortment of individuals and I always learn something new.

•#230: The Secrets, Tactics and Creative Processes of High Performers and Achievers - Debbie Millman
•#225: John Crowley - The Real Life Captain America and Bruce Banner
•#221: Mr. Money Moustache - Living Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year

The more informed you are, the better parent, significant other, community member, employee, boss and friend you can be. Take control of your life by harnessing the power of knowledge. Get outside of the bubble you live in. Start learning more about the world around you.

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