8 Truths Of Depression Everyone Needs To Know
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8 Truths Of Depression Everyone Needs To Know

It is more than just being sad.

8 Truths Of Depression Everyone Needs To Know
Freddie Marriage

Depression is real. Depression is a disease. Depression affects anyone, no matter your social status or lifestyle. The truth of depression is undermined because people have made a trend out of it. It is time to speak up and speak out about the truths of depression.

1. It is not a choice.

Depression will destroy you. Your thoughts, memories, everything about you will always end up causing your depression to worsen.

3. Do not tell me what to do.

Telling me to “suck it up” or ‘“just get over it” will do nothing but make it worse.

4. Nobody can fix it.

Hugs and listening helps, but nothing anyone can do will fix my depression.

5. It is not an easy job to put up with a person with depression.

Depression brings out the worst of people. We are needy. We do not always know what we want.

6. Medication is awful.

We have been through or are going through dozens of medications to figure out the one pill that will make our depression better. It is hard on us mentally and physically.

7. It makes me a more selfish person.

I will want that one special person to always, under no circumstances, be there for me when my depression is awful.

8. I will push you away.

I do not try to push everyone away, but that is just what depression does to me and how I react to it.

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