12 Truths About Scorpios That You Should Know, Coming From A Scorpio

As Scorpio season just started on October 23, I thought I should show some love to my own sign. My birthday is the 17th of November and with turning 19 this year, I've come to learn a lot about myself and others that are my own sign. So to the ones that have a Scorpio in your life, here are some traits about them in order to try and understand them a bit more. And to the Scorpios that read this and that are interested, here are some things that I say that I hope make you go, "Yup, accurate."

1. We really, REALLY love anything to do with astrology


We check our horoscope on a daily, we believe everything it says, it's MOST of the time too relatable. We live for that.

2. We are secretive


Yes, we are. We keep to ourselves. We don't need everyone knowing our shit.

3. We love sex, passion, and everything in between


Should I say any more? It's the most stereotype thing we're known for and it's so true.

4. And we're also really loyal


If we say we want you in our life, it'll stay that way. It may take us a bit of time to warm up but whether it be a relationship or friendship, we're committed to both. Unless you want otherwise, then that's all up to you.

5. Along with that, we'll also get serious revenge if you hurt us


We hate fake people. Our revenge IS the best revenge. It'll be the worst you've ever seen.

6. We observe deep


Just by looking we can see through you and your shit. We do our research, so we can figure out everything about you real quick if we really tried.

7. Sarcasm is our sense of humor


Yup, just wait until you're around a Scorpio. They'll tell you and you'll definitely get a bit sick of it.

8. We're known to hold SERIOUS grudges


Yeah, so don't treat us like shit. It goes along with us getting revenge on you. We'll forever remember what you did and we'll sting you back.

9. But, even with that, we're actually pretty calm people


If you have a normal conversation with us, we aren't psycho. I promise you. We're just serious if we get hurt.

10. We're also determined and focused, if it's for what we want


We're ready to tackle every goal, obstacle, or thing that comes our way. Anything to get our way and to get to what we want.

11. We're known to have the WORST resting bitch face


And this is why we're known as "intimidating" or non approachable but just approach us. We don't hate you, trust us, it's really just how our face looks.

12. Last but not least.. Scorpios. Are. ALWAYS. Right.


Using our time to do the research, remember things others have said, and focus.. Don't disrespect us by trying to "prove us wrong". A Scorpio will prove YOU wrong. Every. Single. Time.

So to the ones that have a Scorpio in your life and you think they relate to this, good. We all relate to each other. At the end of the day, each sign is all unique and different in their own ways. This makes each person different in their own way. And to my fellow Scorps out there, happy Scorpio season! Lets celebrate the best time of the year!

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