In the past few weeks, America has witnessed the inauguration of it's 45th President, Donald Trump. We have also witnessed the largest demonstration for women's rights, all over the world. We witnessed one of the largest March for Life demonstrations. We have been witnessing a great divide. A divide which has angered thousands, and a divide which no one seems to fully understand.

As of now, abortion is legal in most states, up to a certain point in the pregnancy.

Abortion is regulated on a state by state basis.

Today, our chosen rhetoric for support of abortion is called "Pro-Choice", and the disagreement of it is called "Pro-Life".

Here is the reality of this situation:

Abortion is treated far too flippantly by the general public. Abortion is, to some, a viable option, and to others, it is not. The right to this choice, should not be overlooked. In the recent days, the Women's March on Washington has received pushback from a number of groups claiming that they were shunned from the demonstration of women's rights, (which is not limited to abortion) because they were pro-life. An anti-abortion group were present and received hate from the women's march because of their group's ideology. This is unfair. There is a widely accept ideology in this country that if you stand for women's rights, you must also stand for and support abortion. This is not always the case.

You cannot be pro-choice while excluding one of the choices.

Abortion is not something to be treated lightly, as it has lasting physical and mental effects on a woman's body. Abortion can lower your ability to become pregnant again, increase your risk of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, and cause drug-induced complications, or even death. (I urge you to read this article to understand the risks.)

The Women's March on Washington was widely received as a march based on women's rights, and despite abortion being one of the main topics, it was still an overall march supporting women in the world and their rights to healthcare, equal pay, etc. Abortion is a topic which is, unfortunately, a political discussion because much of Planned Parenthood's (and other institutions like it) funding comes from taxpayers. This makes it part of the government's agenda, as they regulate who and how much pay comes from taxes from the American public. Therefore, unless Planned Parenthood and its sister institutions become private, the government will continue to talk about it. If you want to support abortion, push for Planned Parenthood to become a privately funded institution. Otherwise, people will continue to be upset that their state taxes are going towards something they may not believe in.

I am personally pro-choice. However, I recognize that not everyone will believe that abortion is safe or the right option for them. It is important to understand that pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion - it means giving the woman the right to chose what to do with her own pregnancy. Women should not be shamed for being for or against abortion. You are not in her head, you do not know her situation, and you are in no position to judge her.

You cannot be pro-choice while excluding one of the choices.