The Truth Hurts
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The Truth Hurts

Ever tell a lie or been of the receiving end of one? This article is for you.

The Truth Hurts

The truth hurts, or at least that's what we're made to believe. That is the popular opinion that is spoken to us at such an early age. We're told that there is a difference between lies - some positive and others detrimental to ourselves and other’s well-being. Although, I like to believe that they are the same thing.

Throughout my life, I've encountered a series of what others call both types of lies. I've heard them from strangers I pass by on the street, my so-called friends, and the ones I hold dear to my heart. Even more so, I've spoken them myself. However, as I got older, I began to investigate the rumor. What I unraveled was the threads holding the misconception together and discovered a common motif.

Despite what society deems fitting, there is no distinguishing feature between lies. When it comes to the foundations of the misspoken truth, all that remains is motivation. The foundation is unsteady, just as the voice we echo upon murmuring the deceiving notion. Also, unbearably vulnerable like the peer whom we rely our false message to and the cracks that result in the base of the friendship. Supporting the expansion of the lie, fuels guilty and lingering shadows of fraud. They whisper to us that it’s too late to restart laying the foundation of the relationship. If we begin again, our self-image is the expense. After all, our egos are too costly to replace.

Although, why do we feel it necessary to begin down this path? Why can't our minds lead us towards truth? How does one seemingly minute fib result in the construction of future craftsmanship and do we remember our first evil that led us to where we are today? Undoubtedly, we do not. Since this moment, too many words have been spoken. Far too great a quality of self-preserving sentences have been phrased to save not the victim, but ourselves. Perhaps society has engraved its impressions too deep into our souls to be saved. However, I do not accept this opinion.

Although our first lie gave rise to us accepting that lying is okay and normal, there is no polite word to downgrade our actions. When it comes to lying, it is just that. We are not attempting to spare our peers any harm, but trying to save ourselves. We overcompensate our morals with the near innate ability to strategically play on the beliefs of others. Perhaps, we feel it necessary to continue this lie that we live. We consider the loss of ourselves a minimal consequence in the war to win the perception of others. However, along the way, we alter the pure image that we have of ourselves. With every lie, we are destroying ourselves from the inside. No longer are we the model of perfectionism that we possessed upon entering this cruel world. I believe that on a deeper and distinguished level, we can feel the unbalance caused by our lies. Nevertheless, can we repair the foundation of honesty that we were born with?

Even though we may never be able to recant our false truths, we can strive to restore balance. Instead of cluttering the universal with misguided interests, we can focus on who we are as people. Most importantly, we can default to the individual who is not inspired by the motivations of society - other’s opinions of you do not matter! We can choose a life that our future selves and generations aspire to become.

We might not be able to correct the past, but we can redirect our energy towards the future. Before speaking the language of the universal lie, ask yourself what the intended purpose is. I am willing to admit that the leading factor is stabilizing the popular impression of ourselves.

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