Poetry On Odyssey: Why You Can Never Really Trust Your Reflection
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Poetry On Odyssey: Why You Can Never Really Trust Your Reflection

A poem about learning to love yourself.

Poetry On Odyssey: Why You Can Never Really Trust Your Reflection

Morning coffee brews

as you slip on a pair of shoes.

You walk over to the kitchen table,

that gleams with the warm sun of April.

Your sweet hazelnut coffee and toasted bagel

wait for you by the marbled kitchen table.

Soft cream cheese smeared on an everything bagel.

Sesame, poppy, onion, garlic and salt

cling to your every taste bud, ever so tasteful.

The morning coffee gently coats your throat with every sip.

Sip by sip, bite by bite

you feel yourself coming alive

and you are forever grateful.

Yet something holds you back.

I see crippling thoughts beginning to wrap around your mind,

like a snake grips its prey.

Despite your best efforts to get back on track

there's something just pulling you back.

You push back your bagel, cause you know it's there.

It's watching you, and that you swear.

It's standing in the corner of your room

reflecting the amber rays that peak through the window.

Tall and slender with an elegant frame,

as it calls out your name.

It echoes out to you with great power

as you make your way it gets louder and louder.

You stand in front of it,

fully defeated.

With raised arms you tug on the skin,

the skin that hugs them tight.

You pinch the skin on your stomach,

and stare at what you see in fright.

Never trust a mirror

you tell yourself,

for it only tells you lies.

It makes you think that all your worth,

can be seen on the outside.

Never trust a mirror,

it can only show you what's skin deep.

It doesn't show you what the world sees,

when you're only being you,

or how your eyes light up

When you love what you do.

It doesn't capture when you're smiling,

when no one else can see.

And your reflection cannot tell you,

everything you mean to me.

Never trust a mirror,

for it only shows your skin.

And if you think that dictates your worth,

its time you looked within.

So you can finally see what I see,

and what you mean to me.

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