Donald Trump is not your everyday Washington politician
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Donald Trump Is Not Your Typical President

The celebrity who has caused quite a spark in American politics left many experts dumbfounded when he assumed office. Here's why his impact could be a positive thing in the long run.


Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States in 2015. Those were simpler times when an outsider couldn't penetrate the politics of Washington D.C. Now, here we are, President Donald Trump has beaten the odds and is a leader of the free world. It feels surreal to some of us. His 2016 election will live in the history books as one of the greatest political upsets in American history.

President Trump has been a controversial figure even before he entered politics. But his approach to the political arena made its way to many different realms of our daily lives. Whether it's the news channel, Twitter, or the family dinner table, POTUS has made himself relevant. The rhetoric surrounding the podium and the Oval Office has resonated with both his supporters and critics.

Even if you hate his policies, speeches, ideology, or all of the above, Trump has had a positive impact for 2 reasons. He's changed the nature of politics. And he's good for our democratic republic.

No one thought Trump would have a chance in 2016. Now he's about to enter the 3rd year of his first term. Voters who were tired of the Washington establishment wanted a different kind of candidate, and boy did they get one. Trump proved that an outsider can enter politics and be successful. Does this mean that other celebrities like Oprah or the Rock should throw their hat into the ring? No, but it's welcoming that someone from the outside can win. Plenty of newcomers just won seats in Congress in the 2018 midterms. Power in a democracy should be changing. The same handful of politicians should not retain power over and over again. That's how you know if a republic is healthy or not.

He also upheld some campaign promises. He's taken away federal regulations, cut corporate tax rates, left the Paris Climate deal, and has taken ISIS head-on in Iraq and Syria. Normally the public is irate when a politician makes promises he or she can't keep. But Trump has managed to come through with what he said in the campaign. Not all of his promises were kept (repealing and replacing Obamacare) but no one said being the head of the federal government was easy.

Trump is also good for democracy. He has sparked a lot of outrage from the left with some of his policies and rhetoric. But in 2018, there was a lot of energy surrounding the midterm elections. The Democrats took the House of Representatives in November. Many considered the midterms a referendum on the Trump presidency. In the midterms, 48% of eligible voters voted. Compared to the 2014 midterms, just 39% voted in 2014. Opposition to Trump encouraged people to exercise their right to vote. Like him or not, Trump keeps the discussion going.

President Trump has changed the nature of politics and has inspired voter turnout. The President is not your everyday politician. As controversial as he is, he's sparked debate in this country. Are we more divided as a country? Yes, but we'll bounce back. It's why we have a constitution and checks and balances. Our country was meant to improve and better ourselves. Donald Trump is proof of that. It won't be long before someone else assumes the highest office in the land and the current Commander in Chief is a distant memory.

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