I Met My Best Friend On Tinder
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I Met My Best Friend On Tinder

Fighting the cultural norms of online dating.

I Met My Best Friend On Tinder
The Giving Lens

I have dreaded telling the world how I really met my best friend. Many have heard the fake story we created in the car on the way to meet my parents because we were both too nervous to admit that we met on a dating app. A dating app that neither one of us really used. If I had it my way, I'd be telling the fake story forever, but the truth needs to be said. We all need to stop being so afraid of admitting that we met someone online. The cultural norm is changing and online dating is becoming more and more prevalent. Fearing the opinions of those who have no reign over my dating life has controlled me too long. So this is how I met my best friend on Tinder.

I was driving to work one morning and I matched a guy who was also a photographer. We got to texting and he told me how he wasn't from Tennessee and was only here to visit family. He was only two miles away and I was at work, but he insisted on bringing me coffee, even after I tried to shut it down. He followed through and brought me my favorite drink. I promised we'd get together soon since I had to get back to work.

That night, we went out to my favorite coffee shop and talked until they closed. We ended up in his car and had the first of many kisses. After that initial date, we spent every minute we could together for the rest of his time in town. We explored the area and got lost in the woods. I took him to Waffle House for the first time and to my favorite Mexican restaurant. The rest of our time was spent simply getting to know each other. I learned more about him in just a few short days than I knew about most of my friends.

When the time came to say goodbye, I don't think either one of realized how hard it would be. We cried and parted ways. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, he got to stay an extra day. I skipped class and we spent the day together. I took him to meet my friends and we met each other's parents. That night, we prepared to say goodbye again. We cried harder than before. It still hadn't sunk in that this was goodbye. The next day, on their way out of town, he stopped by my work and we said goodbye one final time. I managed to hold it together until the truck pulled away.

Once we had gotten back into our daily routines, it was all trial and error trying to figure out what we were doing. The connection was real, but neither of us were looking for a relationship. We agreed that our friendship was far more valuable than risking it all falling apart. Today, he is still my best friend and we talk almost daily.

He is the first person I run to for advice or if I need to vent about something going on in my life. He's there for me, and I'm there for him. We both believe that we matched for a reason. We made each other see the value in ourselves and pushed each other to always be better. I found a guy on a dating app who got me and I got him. A one in a million swipe right that produced a friendship I cannot imagine life without. And for that, I can't thank Tinder enough.

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