Trump Changes His Stance On Immigration
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Trump Changes His Stance On Immigration

Is he the candidate you thought he was?

Trump Changes His Stance On Immigration
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As election day, November 8th, draws closer many have already made up their minds on who they will be voting for. Presidential hopefuls from both main parties, Clinton and Trump, have long been giving Americans their stances on the issues that matter most.

Donald J. Trump has gained popularity because of his lack of concern with what is politically correct and his campaigning on the slogan that he will "make America great again." Out of all that the debates, and campaigning has covered, the hot button issue of illegal immigration has garnered him a lot of support. His sizable following would cheer and chant whenever he would say that illegal immigrants and their families would be kicked out of our country and would have trouble returning because the U.S. would be erecting a massive wall to them out.

People have said over and over again that one of the main things that make Trump great is that he is not a politician. He says what we are "all" thinking and does so with out trying to appeal to a specific audience as other politicians do. As our president he would be the champion of the people, and wouldn't care if he hurt a few feelings along the way. This has been what has been appealing to many Trump supporters, but as the general election draws closer, many are starting to realize that Trump is more of a politician than they thought.

When speaking to our nation as a whole and trying the get the popular vote as well as votes from the electorate, candidates have been known to relax their stance on things. Trump is no different. On an interview with fox host Sean Hannity, Trump went more in depth on what his stance will be moving forward. He held strong in his belief that "criminal aliens" should be deported immediately, but then was asked by the host what he would do to immigrants who had committed no crimes except coming into the country illegally, he pivoted.

Instead of the crowd pleasing "they have to go too, doesn't matter" Trump tried to tip toe around the fact that he does not feel that way. The Republican nominee stated that someone who has lived here for many years, had a job, and done well for our country would not necessarily be kicked out. With the dismay that followed he tried to save himself by saying that they would have to pay back taxes, and would not be afforded amnesty.

Like a true politician, Trump softened his stance because he sees that what he is saying is not appealing to a large enough audience (he's not going to win the presidency, here's some statistics. He is changing his stance because he wants to win.

Will his campaign be able to recover from this pivot, only time and votes will really tell. However, If he is not as steadfast in his conviction on this issue, they issue that he had been so passionate about before, what is to stop him from becoming more lax on additional issues? Does he really believe what he has been preaching for so long or was it all part of the plan to get him where he is today?

Watch the full interview with Hannity here.

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