A True Thank You To My OCD

Lately, I have been thinking deeply about my OCD. I get frustrated and wish this OCD would just go away. This mental illness has caused me so much heart ache and a lot of tears. However, I am thankful for the struggles. One may question why I am thankful for something that causes me so much grief.

OCD has taught me that I am strong. Through God's help and mercy, I have been able to make it through nights of repetitive thoughts that would haunt me and keep me up through the night. I can now get dressed in a decent amount of time and not stare at my closet and associate every article of clothing with a thought I didn't want. I consider that to be a great success.

OCD has taught me that my heavenly Father always has my back. I never denied that God was there for me, but going through everything I have gone through has shown me how truly amazing and incredible God is. Through nights I questioned why am I even on this earth, and through nights that I cried so hard that I woke up with puffy eyes God has always been there. God knows my heart and thoughts better than anyone including myself. He knew when He created me that I would be going through this. I truly believe my struggles are a blessing in disguise. I may able to help someone around me or help you reading this article.

OCD has taught me that you are much more than your mental illness. I have OCD but OCD does not have me. I am Courtney Simpkins not OCD. Yes, I may struggle here and there, but all that's different is that I have a shortage of serotonin.

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