In the past few weeks, I returned to college for my Sophomore year and moved in with one of my best friends from High School. It was both this new development and my love for Scrubs that prompted this article. I figured what better time to map out all the qualities of an amazing friendship than the start of living with my own best friend? So without further ado, here are some things I think express the best friendships out there explained by Scrubs gifs.

1. You are always happy to see each other succeed.

Not matter the occasion, you better believe this is what it looks like to support a friends achievements.

2. You are constantly on the same wave length.

You say and do and think the same things. It's just how it works. You understand each other on a whole new level.

3. You carry each other's burdens.

It's two against the world.

4. You spend so much time together you begin to share mannerisms.

And it's always funny when you catch yourself doing something you'd usually never do just because it's rubbed off on you.

5. You have cute pet names for each other.

Me and my best friend call each other "booskie". Don't know where it came from or what exactly it means but it's there.

6. Vacation for one, feels like death to the other.

For summer vacation, this rings super true.

7. You're the ultimate third wheel.

The key to this is you actually care about their happiness. In turn, you don't grumble when they ask you to join them on a date, you say okay and go help them have the best night ever.

8. When something exciting happens and you have to wait to tell them.

Whether it's because you're in class or at work or held in a too long conversation, it always hurts when you have to hold onto news.

9. You are immediately defensive if you hear someone dis them in public.

Ready to fight.

10. You fangirl together.

Things can get real crazy when a new episode of our favorite show airs.

11. There are times you have to clean up their mess.

And you do it happily.

12. You laugh hardest with each other.

No one else seems to make your stomach ache in that "stop, I'm laughing too much" kind of way.

13. Sometimes, you know just the trick to make everything okay.

Like cats. Cats definitely help.

14. You can ask each other to do basically anything and you know the answer will be yes.

You'd go to the ends of the earth really.

15. You have little traditions that will last a lifetime.

It goes beyond birthdays and holidays, you might find yourself on a road trip in high school, only to redo the same trip every year following. Next thing you know, you have a tradition.

16. You are constantly ready to come to the rescue.

No matter the reason or time.

17. You aren't afraid to use tough love.

It's incredibly helpful when you don't need a filter to get your point across.

18. You're both always there to sing the next verse.

You may get some weird stares but it is always worth it.

19. You always pick up the phone, no matter the hour, no matter the occasion.

It is such a blessing to have that person that would truly stop whatever they were doing just to make sure you are okay.

20. In the end, you're happy to know you've found the best person to spend your life relying on.

And what better gift to have?

I hope this brought a smile to your face and I hope you share it with your own best friend. Life is much more enjoyable when shared, so having a true, honest, reliable, and trustworthy friend is a blessing. Continue supporting each other and sticking around through thick and thin. Without a best friend, life would be pretty boring I think. I'm thankful for nights filled with laughter, days full of care, and a lifetime of building lasting friendships.