Have you always wanted to be a part of fitness culture but haven't had the willpower to get off the couch? Can't afford a gym membership? As a regular gym-goer, I've got you covered. After buying these items you'll soon be fooling everyone around you into thinking you're a gym guru. Think of this as an investment into your image; a starter pack for your future. With time you might even convince yourself!

1. Drawstring or duffel bag.


Carrying all your gym essentials in one of these is a must. Anyways, who leaves the gym in their gym clothes without showering? Certainly not you!

2. Matching leggings and top.


Why stick to your three-year-old black leggings and t-shirt when you can spend $150 on two pieces of brand-new athletic wear? You know what they say - look good, feel good. Bonus points if the set is from Fabletics or Lululemon.

3. Cut-off shirt


You'll need one of these to show off your gains without being arrested for public indecency. You can buy one or make your own out of an old middle school t-shirt. However, be careful - some gyms will try and cramp your style by requiring sleeves. Try to avoid those gyms. It's a free country and if you don't want to wear sleeves you shouldn't have to!

4. Light-colored sneakers (preferably white).


White sneakers are all the rage right now, but what else are you going to do with them? Wear them outside and get them dirty? The gym is the perfect place to show off your new kicks while ensuring they're pristine.

5. Extra-secure earbuds

Listen - I don't want you to embarrass yourself when your earbuds fall off on the treadmill and you trample them, so take this advice if no other. Invest in Bluetooth earbuds that wrap all the way around your ear. Don't accept anything less.

6. A workout playlist.


So that when people are scrolling through your music, they see all your favorite bops you listen to while pumping iron.

7. Shaker bottle.


Is going to the gym even worth it if you don't top it off with a homemade protein shake or smoothie? Carry this around so everyone knows you mean business.

8. Plastic gallon-jug

If you can't afford a shaker don't worry, plenty of people just bring entire jugs of water to the gym. Cost and time efficient!

9. Clif Bars.

They may have over 20 grams of sugar, but they're the favorite protein bar of fitness freaks everywhere. To make it believable buy at least three different flavors, in bulk.

10. Yoga Mat.


Don't do yoga? Never meditated in your life? Don't even know what Pilates is? No sweat, just carry a mat around with you occasionally, while running errands or to the office. Maybe memorize the words savasana, vinyasa, chaturanga for good measure.

11. A small set of weights to keep in your bedroom or living room.


Place them strategically so it looks like you're trying to conceal them, but your guests can see them anyways (like on a bookshelf or by your front door). When people point them out, tell them how physically unfit you feel after missing a workout and that you have the weights at home just in case you can't make it to the gym.

12. A membership keychain card that you may or may not have ever used.


This is one of the most important parts of your image. Go to a gym (preferably a recognizable one like Planet Fitness), purchase a membership, put the keychain tag on your ring, and immediately cancel the membership. How do you suppose people think you go to the gym if you don't have a membership?

Note: Thanks for my self-proclaimed "bro" boyfriend for helping me with this article