I've always been a careful planner. I break down the most simple decisions into pros and cons and spend an embarrassing amount of time analyzing my life. But this seemingly innocuous habit has a tendency to spiral into full on freak outs that lead me to make my decisions out of fear. There have been countless times that I chose not to do something because I was nervous about the outcome. Needless to say, that's a pretty terrible way to live your life, and I've recognized that for a while. However, instead of trying to push through my fears or use them as motivation, I've tried everything to make them go away. I figured that if I could get rid of the worry, then I could break down the barriers that I've built for myself. The problem is, there is always something to be afraid of. Even if I can "cure" my right-here-right-now anxiety, there's not a thing I can do about all the nerve-wracking situations I'm bound to encounter in the future. I think the real trick in dealing with fear lies in embracing it.

Most decisions that deeply impact your life are accompanied by a whole host of fears. Those quiet moments before the storm breaks on some major event are full of anxious thoughts fueled by panic. But that terror you feel can be useful. You can overcome it and fuel yourself on the accomplishment. Having the strength to ask for help or to take on a difficult day are the situations you will look back on with pride. Looking your troubles in the eye and deciding to move on with or without them takes a lot of bravery, but your life will be better for it. Everyone lives with fear, but not everyone faces it. It's okay to be afraid. What counts is your willingness to act in spite of your fear. In so many ways, finding your courage will set you free. Some of the best memories can be made doing things that terrify you. Your fear may never go anywhere, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to either.