I want to start by saying I am in no way, shape or form an "anti-feminist." I'm actually quite the opposite! But a huge part of feminism we forget is the equality part. How can we expect or desire equality without doing our part to have it on both ends of the spectrum? For me, it's not just asking my partner to treat me as wonderfully as I should be treated, but making sure I'm always striving to treat him as equally wonderful.

And this isn't really a feminist thing to me honestly. It's just a human decency thing! I want my man to feel loved, appreciated and supported at all times, and if that means gushing over him and taking cute Snaps of him, I'm definitely going to do that. (And I do.)

Still, you can't just automatically expect your partner to want to be the cutest Insta couple there ever was. Even though a huge part of society is social media and whatnot, many people prefer not to deal with it at all. And that's exactly the case with my boyfriend.

It took a little bit to get used to it and begin to understand it, but my option was to either understand and accept or be miserable in the relationship. Well, luckily I didn't choose the latter and decided to just accept it as it is. Since then, I've realized that my boyfriend obsesses and gushes over me in different ways.

For example, while I might take pictures of him and post them to show him off, he chooses that the first thing he does when he sees me in public is hold my hand. We both benefit from each of these actions and feel appreciated because of them, we just prefer to do them in different ways.

Another example might be that while I write articles like this telling him how much I appreciate him (and I really do, babe), he chooses to send me texts. We still both get that affectionate feeling from reading the words, but we share them in different ways.

So yeah, maybe that was kind of a tangent, but the gist of it was that he might not treat you like the queen you are in the way you want him to, but that doesn't mean it's not still a valid way. It's up to you to decide if your differing ways in treating each other like the royalty that you are will be the downfall of your relationship or just a learning curve.

Overall, it's important to treat your partner, whether male or female, like the royalty that they are. Show them you love them, whether that be from posting about them on social media, buying them chocolates and super cheesy gifts for holidays, admiring them when they don't know you're watching, or whatever your individual way might be. There's no one way to love, but there is only one way to make a relationship work: love passionately and communicate, however you choose to do so.