10 Items You Absolutely Need In Your Carry-On When Traveling

Packing for trips can be stressful- you never know when you are going to absolutely need something in that exact moment while flying. For those who are true travel enthusiasts, you absolutely cannot forget to pack these 10 important items in your carry-on for a comfortable and stress-free flight!

1. License or passport

Can't travel without em'!

2. Wallet

3. Pair of headphones

Download your favorite Netflix show or music and keep yourself occupied during the long flight!

4. Book or magazine

Whether it is keeping up with pop culture trends in your favorite magazine or following up on your favorite characters in the new hottest book, these will also help you keep yourself busy if music or Netflix shows aren't cutting it for you.

5. Change of clothes or toiletries 

In the case your luggage gets lost (lets hope this truly does not happen), pack a spare change of clothes to have just in case you absolutely need it. This way, you are prepared with a clean new outfit instead of staying in the same old clothes.

6. A sweatshirt or cardigan

Always pack a small sweatshirt or cardigan you can easily throw on if the plane is a little chilly. This way, you can be comfortable during the flight and quickly grab what you need. It is better to have it and need it, than to need it and not have it.

7. Valuables

If it is important with you, than it stays with you. You don't want to run the risk of potentially losing your valuable items in your checked in lugged in the case your suitcase goes missing. Whether it is jewelry, tablets or a special memento, keep it with you in your personal baggage so it never has to leave your side.

8. Snacks, snacks, snacks

Why not bring your own favorite snacks with you in case you get hungry during the flight instead of buying a small bag of pretzels for $15? A better way to save money is to bring your own snacks so you are not spending a significant amount on food before arriving at the destination.

9. Reusable water bottle 

Instead of spending money on endless amounts of water bottles, bring along a reusable bottle to consistently refill once you get to your destination!

10. Tablets

Cell phones, Ipads, Nooks and more, download your favorite book or movie to keep yourself busy during your flight.

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