Many people have cities that they constantly enjoy visiting. From the aesthetically gorgeous beaches of Los Angeles to the pristine Rocky Mountains to the extravagant buildings of New York City, people all have places that they enjoy visiting, and would certainly visit frequently. For me, that city is Chicago. Now, Chicago has acquired a reputation as a placed marred by crime, riddled by drugs, and overall, just a dangerous place. However, despite news headlines, Chicago still has many great areas to visit.

Chicago, in general, possesses so many cultural attractions that make it worth traveling to.

For one, the food. So many great restaurants exist as a result of Chicago's varied ethnic composition. You have places like Dove's Luncheonette, a Tex-Mex Diner in Wicker Park that serves "old-school" Coca-Cola. There are other restaurants, such as Valois (a personal favorite) in Hyde Park that is all comfort food. It's a restaurant so popular and highly regarded that President Obama frequented the restaurant while living in Chicago. There's an innumerable array of restaurants to choose from, from Italian to Polish. This is not even touching on deep-dish (which has detractors), which is definitely a unique experience.

Culturally, there is so much see/do. One of the best museums in the world, the Field Museum, is situated right across the Chicago River, and also has the Adler Planetarium essentially adjacent to it. The Field Museum possesses some of coolest exhibits in the world (and Sue), while the Adler Planetarium provides a cool bit of exploration into space (and an amazing opportunity to view the stars), while also providing one of the best views of the city. This is not even touching on the Art Institute or the Museum of Science and Industry. The city also possesses some awesome visuals; walking down the Chicago River and viewing the Loop, the beautiful parks like Grant and Millennium Park (where the infamous Lollapalooza festival is held), and the skyscrapers like Sears ("Willis" *bleh*) Tower, the Aon Center, Trump Hotel, and others. Chicago easily has one of the most aesthetically pristine settings.

Chicago sports are easily some of the most entertaining in the world. A vast array that covers all major American sports leagues, Chicago possesses some of the most passionate and loyal fans in sports. You have the Cubs, who were dubbed baseball's loveable losers for nearly a century, as well as the Sox, who have another set of easily loyal fans (not ignoring both of them having great stadiums). There are historically revered teams like the Bulls, who had the preeminent NBA legend Michael Jordan, as well as the Blackhawks, who went on to win three Stanley Cups. There are also the Bears, who have one of the best stadiums in the NFL. Simply put, if you are a sports fan, Chicago is the place for you.

Chicago is a city with various aspects to be treasured. From the parks to the festivals to the sports and impeccable skyline. Chicago may have its problems; many cities do, and the citizens are pressing for change to occur. Regardless of these issues that may afflict a city, Chicago is a city worth visiting. I will always cherish my trips there, and others should visit as well.