"I'm going to college."

What do you think when you think of the word "college"? Does it give you some excitement or nervousness? Do you think about what you are going to do in college? Like pick a major/minor? Join a sorority or fraternity? Most of all, how do you think you will adapt to college life?

I have thought about a lot of things. Truthfully, I am very excited and also very nervous. I think it is a drive and a fear to be an adult. However, it is not just these normal feelings. There is much more to it.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a neurological condition caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. My CP mostly affects my legs, and affects my arms to a lesser degree. I have been mostly independent when it comes to mobility and doing daily tasks. So if you have still read up to this point, you may ask, "So what is the problem with transitioning to college?"

A picture of a boy with Cerebral Palsy.

Well I can say that there are so many things that cross my mind. Like, "How will I adapt to a new place all by myself, being fully independent?"

"Will my CP affect the way I get around?"

"If there is no access to transportation, will I be able to walk to where I need to go?"

"How will I pace myself when it comes to doing things?"

Finally, "Will I be accepted by fellow students for who I am?" (Not that there is a need to be liked by everyone).

It may seem like having a condition that either affects you mentally or physically is by far, the worst thing to happen--something tragic. However, it is quite the opposite. A person that has a condition, learns how to adapt to it in order to live life in the best way they can. So I just need to adapt to another environment other than my own.

For example, I would probably use a roller backpack to transport my laptop and books. I might have to wear running shoes most of the time just to be comfortable walking. I may have to get used to walking very often.

I know that when I start attending college this upcoming fall, I will be okay. I will be able to adjust to the atmosphere called college. I will make friends. There may be struggles, but it will shape me into who I am supposed to be. It will all work out.

I also know that fear is normal, and the only reason why there is fear is because of what we do not know. I may not figure it out right away, but I will eventually. By that time, fear would be nonexistent when it comes to living away from home.