Traditional day-to-day habits that are now made simple by technology
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Traditional day-to-day habits that are now made simple by technology

Traditional day-to-day habits

Traditional day-to-day habits that are now made simple by technology

Technology has had a significant impact on our daily lives, making day-to-day habits simpler. This article looks at the areas most hit by technological advancement.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you've likely embraced the technology trend really well. You're definitely an Internet user. You own a smartphone and at least one more device. You use mobile apps for pretty much everything you do throughout the day and night. But, probably, like most of us, you didn't really take a second to actually analyze how technology has impacted the most fundamental areas of your life and simplest habits.

Spoiler alert! Technology changed pretty much everything you do on a daily basis. It did so for everybody!

Today, we live in a digital era when technological devices are more integrated into our lives than ever before. We use it for almost everything that we do, from communicating to doing our jobs, getting entertainment, meditating, working out, or purchasing goods and services online.

That being said, this article explores the technologies that had replaced very old and traditional habits we used to do before technology became so widespread.

E-book readers replace paper books.

Some still argue that e-book readers will never be able to give the same satisfaction to readers as paper books give. Yet, while this may be a matter of choice, there's no arguing that e-readers do make it easier for us to take our entire book collection with us in just a tiny device. In other words, no one can challenge the added benefits of e-readers in terms of comfort, efficiency, and flexibility.

Think about it: say you'd be traveling for a few months around the world and you'd like to take all your favorite books with you. Wouldn't it be easier to download all these books on an e-book reader simply than actually to bring the physical paper books? We're guessing yes. And so do 40% of US adults, who, according to data, own a type of reading devices such as a tablet or an e-book. What's more, 35% of those who own an e-book reader agree that they started reading more books than before owning the device.

Online shopping replaces trips to the supermarket.

Online shopping has been a pretty widespread trend over the past couple of years since e-commerce became a real thing. But this trend really grew over the past few years when everybody was locked in their homes.

Online shopping first became famous thanks to the comfort and flexibility it would bring to consumers who no longer had to visit several shops before finding the product they were looking for. However, since the beginning of 2020, its popularity was driven by necessity. Online shopping quickly turned into a safe solution for purchasing goods and services when physical contact needed to be avoided. Experts believe that online shopping won't stop growing any time soon. On the contrary, with more people replacing supermarket or mall trips to ordering online, experts believe that many of them will continue to do so even in a post-COVID world.

Vaping devices replace cigarettes.

Vaping devices have been around for some time now, but it's only over the past few years they started to grow in popularity as people discovered that they could be a better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

More precisely, 2011 data from WHO shows that only about 7 million people were vaping around the world. This figure rose to 41 million in 2018. In 2021, the number is expected to reach 55 million e-cigarette users worldwide.

Researchers found that e-cigarette devices such as vapes might be a solution for people who want to quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. And, according to data, 7 out of 10 smokers say they want to quit this habit.

Now, why vapes make smoking easier? They involve less smell, and this is mainly a benefit for cannabis smokers who consume weed with a wax pen as it allows greater discretion. They contain lower levels of potentially harmful chemicals. And, they don't produce tar or carbon monoxide as traditional cigarettes do. Last but not least, they are a cleaner alternative for smokers.

Smartwatches replace several health tracking tools.

What do traditional watches do? They show you the time. But, smartwatches do a lot more than that. Not only do they enhance communication with their notification and taking calls features, but they are also wellness wearables that help you track your wellbeing, all in just a small device that looks like a watch.

More precisely, before we had these small devices at our wrist, even the most basic measurements about our health had to be tracked with several different devices. For example, today's smartwatches can automatically monitor your pulse pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, and how active you were during the day in terms of steps. To measure and monitor all these things, you had to use many different devices to indicate them. Not anymore! Smartwatches are all-in devices that can track them all.

Smartphones make communication easier.

Everybody owns a smartphone these days. We use them for even the most basic tasks, from getting up in the morning to getting entertainment, reading the news, listening to music, work, study, and, most importantly, communicating with our peers.

Smartphones were a game-changer in terms of communication, allowing people to talk to their peers no matter where they were. But smartphones and the Internet opened the door to new communication options. Using social media, texting, phone calls, and so many others, people can now talk to others that might even be at the other end of the world.

Smart home gym devices replace trips to the gym.

This is instead a pretty new trend that had also gained popularity over the past year when the entire world was put in the biggest lockdown experiment ever. Tech companies developed intelligent home gym and personal trainer devices to help gym enthusiasts continue their workout routine even when they were stuck at home.

These intelligent home gym devices use the latest technologies like AI and machine learning to provide gym-goers with a very similar, if not better, experience at an actual land-based gym.

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