1. Small Town

I come from a small town which has a lot of people and everyone knows everyone. We are just a close town when it's a local event, sporting event, school events, and the local church carnival, and the local beach firework every year during the 4 of July weekend. The thing I love about these events is that everyone will show up and will see everyone and i love how close my town is.

2. Good Italian food and pizza place

Since I was born and raised 100% Italian I'm so used to eating an Italian dinner and pizza ever so often. My favorite pizza that i will get when I go out to get pizza with my family I get a hot pepper sausage and onion pizza, which is such a good pizza. I love all of the Italian places in my town and my favorite non pizza dish is a homemade Italian sauce with pasta and garlic bread. East Haven has good pizza and Italian restaurant, which is why I love this town.

3. Good sports team

My high school has such good sport team because some of the sports will get into the conference tournament and will go into the semi-final game and will play such a good game in the end. Sadly in the end they will lose but it will be a close game between the two teams. The reason why is because we have such competitive sport teams and I love to be competitive during practices and even in the game.

For example, in 2015 my old high school softball team lost in the conference tournament game but they went into the class tournament and just winning these game and they win the semi-final game, and after they win the semi-final game that when they played in the class L championship game and they bet Fitch of Groton and everyone in my town came out and cheer the girls on during the game. for the most part that's why I love being from the town I am and I'm pride to live in the town that I am currently from and I love being aprt of the sport because I grow up around it.

4. Great local bakery

The best thing about living in a small town is that there are a lot of good ice cream shop and bakery. I love being from this town because there is a lot of good place to grip sweet treat like cupcake, cakes, ice cream, cookie, and other good sweet treats. I love having many of these place around especially my favorite Italian bakery which is owned by a distance cousin in my family.

5. Making great memories

In the last 21 years since I've been living in this town I have made so made great memories like getting our first family dog in the same house I been living in my whole life. The first memory I made was playing on a sport team in middle school then going up to the next level which was playing in high school. I love making memories like playing man hunt with a bunch of friends on a summer night. It is easy to make memories in my town since everyone know everyone. I love making memories whether they are good or bad. My favorite memory was graduating from high school which that happen of the year 2013. My worst memory in my town was that when me and my family had my grandmother funeral back in 2012.

6. Making friends

The friends I made in this town has been such a good feeling to me because these friendships I make will have an impact on my life. All of the friends I had made have been in school, the friends who live here, went to my school or playing on sport team. I will keep these friends in my life forever even when I do start a new chapter in my life or if I start a job even if it will be in a different state. I will still in contact with them by calling them, texting them, Face Timing them or coming back to CT for a visit to see my family.