When The Tough Gets Going, Keep Going

When The Tough Gets Going, Keep Going

I believe the challenges and hardships in life will only grow you as an individual, that is, if you let them

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Hitting rock bottom is never easy, but when you hit the absolute worst, you know it can only go uphill from there. When you feel completely exhausted, wanting to give up and or head a different direction, these are the times when you need to keep pushing through.

Hitting rock bottom isn't necessarily a bad thing. I believe hitting rock bottom is a wake up call to many, a time for change, and a time to appreciate what is and could be ahead of you. When you feel like you've hit rock bottom, it is a time to start believing in yourself and hoping for the best.

Many people nowadays just give up when life circumstances get tough. There are very few people that look at these hard situations as obstacles that are recoverable. I believe the challenges and hardships in life will only grow you as an individual, that is, if you let them. You can look at a situation as an obstacle that you will be able to get through, or you can look at the circumstance as a sinkhole which turns into no recovery.

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. How can you look at such a strong, independent, and hopeful person knowing that they haven't overcome any hardship in their life? It's impossible. It is the strong people out there that we need to start looking up to. The people that don't sit in their self-pity, but are actually over-comers. These are the people and the ones we need to learn and grow from.

There is always a lesson, new growth, and eyes that are opening to a new perspective. There wouldn't be any change in a person if they didn't have to go through obstacles. We should start embracing these obstacles with open arms and just learn to trust our heart and know that we are going to be okay. Embrace the change that lies ahead, and let it change you. Don't get so caught up in circumstances that will only continue to drag you down lower and lower to this this "so-called" sinkhole. Do not let circumstances define you, let this be a time where you come out through the end of the tunnel shining brighter than you ever have before.

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