Touch Up: A Poem

Touch Up: A Poem

Sticky situation

While touching up paint my father points

to a collection of shiny circles on my wall.

What’d you do here?

I dipped my finger into the drying wax

of a clean linens scented candle.

The warm wax stuck to my fingers

It felt like it would stick to me forever.

So I began to wipe them onto my white wall

creating a circles of glossy polish.

I scraped and scrubbed, but no amount of

spit and elbow grease could remove the wax.

He scratches at it.

Seriously. What is this?

I shrug my shoulders

I don’t know.

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Thank You, Dad, For Teaching Me The Value Of Hard Work

Thank you for working hard for us and teaching me the value of hard work.

Recently, I wrote an article on how my mom has become my best friend since I have moved into college. Although my dad adored the article, and loves seeing my relationship with my mom flourish, he has since joked about being hurt that I did not write an article about him. So now it is your turn, Dad. Here’s to you!

In all seriousness, my dad deserves his own article as well. I do not think this article will be nearly enough to thank him for all he has done for me in the past 18 years. But it is worth a shot, and he deserves it!

I did not truly realize how much my dad has sacrificed for my brother and I until recently. And when I did, my appreciation for him increased greatly. My dad works two jobs, as the owner of a plumbing company and a police officer, to provide for my mom, my brother and me.

Working two jobs means that my dad wakes up early each morning to go do plumbing work, comes home for lunch and maybe a few minutes to relax if he is lucky, and then gets ready and goes to work at the police station. He does not come home from his shift until 12:30 A.M. and yet each morning, he wakes up and repeats the routine all over again.

Not only does my dad work two jobs, but he also makes decisions at those jobs based on his family's needs. When I was in high school, he changed his shift at the police station just so that he would be home every day to pick me up from track practice or school. Because of this, I never had to worry about finding a ride home before I got my license.

Although his two jobs take away from some of our family time, the time my father and I do get to spend together is special. I am lucky that my dad has always made our family his first priority, and has never missed an important event because of work.

He often makes work-related jokes when it comes to big events. We will be talking about my graduation, prom, or college move-in and he will jokingly say “Oh sorry, I can’t come, I’m working." Despite how busy he often is, he would not miss an important event for the world.

I know many people will claim their dad is their role model, but I can say with complete honesty that my dad is mine. Not only has his hard work allowed me to live a more than comfortable life, but it has also impacted my own working habits.

I am lucky to have him to look up to throughout my childhood. He inspires me to work hard, and he is part of the reason that I am the type of person that loves working, and that feels wrong if they do not have a job to do.

Thank you, dad, for working as hard as you have for so many years and for allowing me to have the bright future that I do.

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Elman

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A Letter To The Woman Who Drives Me Crazy And Schedules My Appointments

Thank you for letting us be different. Politically and sometimes ethically we can greatly differ. But thank you for letting me have my own opinions.


I could write a novel about how much you drive me crazy, but I could write a whole series about how much I love you. We are a perfect example of how a mother and daughter could be different in so many ways, and yet love each other endlessly. You are the epitome of what a mother should have been throughout my childhood and for that, I am forever grateful.

I remember when I was younger how you always would say "one day you'll thank me for this" or "one day you'll apologize to me." While I'm not quite sure about the apologizing part I am one hundred percent certain you deserve to be thanked. I never had to ask for much because it was always provided. I had the freedom I needed to grow up into the independent woman I am today, even though you still make my dentist appointments.

You do so much for our family that you may think is over-looked, but I promise, it's not. You put so much on your plate you can barely finish it all, but you are determined to help the ones that mean the most to us and I look up to for the strength you have to handle all of that. You've always encouraged an education and I thank you for that as well. It's easy to fall into the hole of being unsuccessful but thank you for reminding me it is all worth it and that I am worthy of much more than what society sometimes portrays.

Thank you for always being interested in what was happening in my life even if I wasn't interested in sharing. As we know, I am not the easiest person to talk to, nor do I like talking about my feelings. You always made sure to let us know that you wanted to talk about what was happening in our lives, whether it was you being nosy or you wanting to give it advice, it didn't matter because, either way, I knew you were there.

Thank you for always having animals in the house. I don't think animals would be such a large passion of mine if I hadn't grown up constantly surrounded by them. The pets we have had have provided me with some of the happiest moments of my life, and I get to thank you for all of those moments because without you none of them would have happened.

Thank you for letting us be different. Politically and sometimes ethically we can greatly differ. But thank you for letting me have my own opinions. While you may not like some of the opinions I have you have never tried to tell me I can't have them or try to persuade me into thinking something else. Thank you for allowing me to be myself and appreciating me for all my flaws and imperfections. I know I can be hard on you sometimes but it is just because I know you are worthy of so much more than you give yourself. I want you to see as much of the world as possible because the world deserves to see you. I want you to be as healthy as possible because I want you to be in my life for forever.

You are an incredible woman and I strive to have the strength that you have. You have taught me so much throughout my years and I know I will learn so much more from you. The distance between us does not affect my appreciation for you, if anything it makes me appreciate you more. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for all you have done for me.


Your twin.

Cover Image Credit: Roberto Nickson

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