Top Ten Reasons To Date A Hipster
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Top Ten Reasons To Date A Hipster

If you weren't sure about your new beau before, no worries! Dating a hipster might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Top Ten Reasons To Date A Hipster

The millennial group has broken off into many different style types, which depend largely upon location. One large contemporary subculture has emerged recently called hipsters. Though they tend to get a bad rap for their sense of styles and way of speaking and some view them as pretentious and rude, they are one of the nicest groups of people. Generally when you hear about hipsters it's in a negative light, but here are 10 reasons why dating a hipster is actually a great thing!

1. He will introduce you to new music

He has a lot of particular tastes in music and will be very open about sharing them with you. But, he'll always let you know that he knew of them before they were "mainstream."

2. His sense of style is on point

Starting with his consciously coiffed hair all the way down to his skinny jeans, his style will always reflect his personality. Tending to stick to refurbished Goodwill items and thick-rimmed glasses, he will always dress to impress.

3. You can share his clothes

Hipster clothing styles include V-neck shirts and other fashions that can are easily accessible to their partners. Gender and size don't matter, because it's a part of hipster fashion to wear mismatched sized clothing! You two can also swap beanies to match your vintage sweaters.

4. He will take you on unique dates

Forget the standard dinner and movie and say hello to coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall crepe specialty restaurants. The typical hipster would rather spend the date learning about you over a soy venti macchiato. He'll probably even teach you to ride the longboard that he built himself!

5. He enjoys artistic pursuits

Be it theater, painting pottery, Indie films, latte art or woodcutting, your hipster is always looking for creative outlets and ways to express himself. These new and interesting ventures will always keep you on your toes. And the bonus is that he'll see you as a work of art as well.

6. He adores cats

If he has a cat, or he is meeting yours for the first time, you can be sure that he will be in love with it at first sight. Having a similar taste in animals is always a great talking point, and incredibly comfortable when you're watching movies.

7. He cooks with/for you

Many hipsters enjoy looking for new recipes to make with you or for you, paired with a nice vintage wine—of course. Don't worry, he'll make sure it's organic and vegan as well.

8. He will talk with you for hours

He will love to talk with you for an entire evening about whatever comes to your mind, whether it be feminism, politics or outer space. Any conversation is worth taking mental note of in his eyes and he loves to see you enthusiastic about something.

9. He follows really interesting boards on Pinterest

His pins always consist of really beautiful log cabins, camping tips and new beard or hairstyles that he wants to try. This helps to take away from the same old fitness routines and makeup tips that you see all the time on your own boards.

10. He's down to go anywhere with you

Whether you want to tour a new exhibit or go to a concert for your favorite musician, he will always want to go with you. Together you'll try new things, and every day will be a new adventure.

So if you weren't sold on the idea of dating a hipster, here are the top 10 reasons why you definitely should consider it!

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