The Top 4 Recommended Marble Tools For Your Kitchen
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The Top 4 Recommended Marble Tools For Your Kitchen

Take a look at some of the special marble trays, spice grinders, fruit bowls and many other tools for your household.

The Top 4 Recommended Marble Tools For Your Kitchen
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The kitchen is more like the epicenter of your home. It needs your special care and requires remodeling and upgrades every couple of months. Modifications don't necessarily mean buying expensive kitchen appliances or installing flashy cabinets. It can also indicate buying items such as trays, bowls and so on that offer more functionality and support for your kitchenware.

You may find various accessories in the market that match perfectly with your current kitchen décor themes. However, if you are looking for something with a bit of Indian traditional touch and guaranteed durability, you are at the right place.

Here are a few marble premium pieces that would help you out:

1. Indian Vanity Marble Tray

Here is something nice and simple to help you impress your guests. The unique Indian marble tray comes in numerous sizes with a variety of color options to blend in with your kitchen décor. The strong marble used ensures that the tray holds up enough weight.

The piece originally comes in a fresh green shade that makes the piece seem attractive and is a great décor accessory for your cooking space.

2. Standard Kitchen Marble Tray

If you are looking for something that fits in with any of your décor choices, the standard kitchen marble tray is just what you need. The tray is one of the best marble trays you can find.

One of the best things about the tray is that it has a mix of different color tones that makes it look unique and pleasing to the eyes. Despite having different designs and patterns, the piece is simple and elegant, making it a perfect match for your kitchen.

3. Traditional Marble Spice Grinder

Ever tried grinding spices the traditional way? With the popular Indian marble spice grinder, you will not be disappointed at all. Electrical grinders offer the time-saving feature but somehow fail to provide the same originality in flavors that the marble spice grinders manage to provide.

The grinding set comprises of a non-porous surface that ensures your spices don't get mixed up with any marble residue. The piece also has a polished finish that ensures that the base doesn't wear off, making it a great long-term choice for your grinding purposes.

4. Pure White Marble Mortar Pestle Set

Who wouldn't love to have an antique white marble mortar pestle set in their kitchen? Made from original white Indian marble stone, this set is probably the most attractive piece of all marble mortar pestles kits.

An interesting thing to note about the mortar pestle set is that it is 100 percent hand-carved. Another great feature of the toolset is that its interior and exterior has a smooth and polished finished that makes the set look even more elegant.

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