These Are My Top 5 Podcasts Of The Year

This year I have really gotten into podcasts. Sometimes when I don't feel like listening to music, I just pop in my headphones and listen to a podcast. The topics for podcast range from self-help to murder mystery, and that is one of the reasons podcasts have become so popular this year. They are perfect for walking to class, taking a shower or right before you go to sleep.

That being said, there are so many great podcasts out there, and such little time to listen, so I have compiled my top 5 favorite podcasts of the year!

1. Gals On The Go


"Gals on The Go" hosts Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio offer up their best advice for navigating college in this weekly podcast. Both students at The University of Georgia, these girls serve up great stories, lifestyle tips and picks, and talk about their lives as YouTubers and social media influencers! Check out "Gals on The Go" here!

2. Kayln's Coffee Talk


"Kayln's Coffee Talk" was the first podcast I listened to, and it changed the game for me! Kayln is such an inspiration and talks about all things motivation and self-improvement tips. This girl sure knows how to make the most out of life and every episode I listen to gives me a motivational boost! You can check out "Kayln's Coffee Talk" here.

3. What We Said


Long-time BFFs Jaci and Chelsea offer up their thoughts on all topics, from getting married young to cutting toxic people out of your life. These ladies are hilarious, and give great advice while also telling their first hand experiences. You can check out "What We Said" here!

4. Eating Alone In My Car


"Eating Alone In My Car" podcast is exactly what it sounds like, and it is the perfect podcast for when you just need to sit back and listen. Melissa Broder, author of "So Sad Today," eats in her car (a new food every episode) and talks about her life, her mental health struggles, and funny experiences. To listen to "Eating Alone In My Car," click here!

5. Tiny Meat Gang


Lastly, the "Tiny Meat Gang" podcast hosted by YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller is my personal favorite podcast for when I need a laugh. These guys are hilarious, and if you enjoy their YouTube videos, you will definitely enjoy their podcast. You can listen to "Tiny Meat Gang" here.

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