The 5 Best Odyssey Health Articles From The Week Of January 26

Every week, Odyssey creators take a deep dive and write articles that reflect relevant topics, emotions, and stages of life. Within the Health & Wellness vertical, creators share stories ranging from mental health struggles to advice from their fitness journey. Here are the top five articles from this last week on Odyssey Health & Wellness.

1. Cancer Is Like A Bad Ex-Boyfriend Who Lingers Even After You've Broken Up

A creator shares cancer's heartbreaking impact on her family.

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2. Since Living Is Kind Of Cool, You Should Break Up With Your Juul

While Juuls are growing exceedingly popular, this creator shares their story of nicotine addiction, advocating for health and happiness, not smoking.

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3. My Eating Disorder Is Ruining My Life, But I Don't Know How To Make It Stop

Openly sharing her struggle with recovery, this creator opens up about her eating disorder.

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4. The Keto Diet Ruined My Relationship With Food, It's Not Worth The Weight Lost

Keto is probably something you're familiar with, but this creator urges you to put your mental health above diets that may change how you look at food.

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5. You Aren't Supposed To Have A Stroke As A Healthy 21 Year Old, But Here I Am

This creator shares a scary story that taught her what is most important in life — the love of family and friends.

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