Top Five Pinterest Board Ideas
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Top Five Pinterest Board Ideas

Number five can be beneficial to everyone.

Top Five Pinterest Board Ideas

Have you ever been so addicted to something that you almost question what is wrong with you and why such a miniscule thing brings so much joy to your life? Well I have and my pleasant addiction is...drum roll please; PINTEREST! For those who may not quite comprehend the point of what Pinterest entails, it is an app consisting of a broad variety of pictures and captions that can lead to links based upon your chosen topic. You "pin" these images to your "boards" that you create and create your own page of pins that interest you. Get it? You're PINning your interests. While my personal Pinterest consists of well over one hundred boards and thousand's of pins, pretty much naming me a "Pinaholic", I am going to narrow it down to my top five favorite boards on Pinterest currently

1. Soulful

This board consists of images and quotes that are captivating and beautiful in the sense that they represent our souls and how intricate the human body is. Personally, this is my favorite board I have currently and the pin's are the most meaningful.

2.) I do

Between wedding dresses, venues, cakes, bouquets, bridesmaid gifts and so much more, there are an endless amount of ideas to incorporate into your wedding. I look forward to utilizing some of my saved pins one day!

3.) Animal lover

What is better than looking on your phone and seeing a bunch of pictures of some furry little animals? Whether you are looking for cute or funny pictures or even animals for sale, Pinterest has so many pins directed towards our furry little friends.

4.) Let's rage

I am very big into concerts, raves and festivals and this board is used to find inspiration in different outfits I could make as well as pictures of previous events.

5.) Stay in shape

I have become adamant about being persistent with going to the gym regularly and eating as healthy as possible. Pinterest has helped in a few different ways with providing me with different work outs I can do as well as foods I can eat that are good for trying to lose weight while also building muscle tone. I feel this board especially is extremely beneficial for everyone.

While these are just a few of my favorite boards currently, that will more than likely change as it always does. As my interests in life change, my boards and pins change. They go hand in hand with one another.There is so much to explore on Pinterest and there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for ideas to decorate your home with, recipes for a holiday dinner, inspirational and meaningful quotes, the latest fashion trends, makeup ideas and even beautiful places you would one day like to visit, again, there is something for everyone.

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