the activities that must be experienced in the fall
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the activities that must be experienced in the fall

the activities that must be experienced in the fall

1) fairs.

okay, let’s be honest. fairs are basically the best thing about fall (next to football, of course). yeah, they might get a little pricey, but that just means to save up or cherish the moments even more.

- fairs are a great place for a first date too because they have such an easy going, fun atmosphere. conversation won’t be as a difficult because either you are riding a ride, stuffing your face, laughing at other’s reactions, or joking about something funny you just did.

- the top of the ferris wheel is not only the cliche spot for a super cute picture, but it’s literally so peaceful and beautiful to overlook the fair and the landscape in the back.

- the food is to die for, even if it’s thousands of calories or may end up giving you diabetes. who doesn’t love cotton candy on a paper cone? or a fresh corn dog with mustard on it? or a funnel cake covered in powdered sugar or nutella?

2) apple orchard.

typically, you have to drive a little ways to get to an apple orchard so why not start off the date with a fun car ride to the mountains?

- mini road trips are always the way to go. always.

- there’s just something about the mountains in the fall that makes being there even more exciting with the colors changing and the leaves falling.

- taking a hayride to the orchard part of the farm is really fun and you can make an excuse to put your arm around your girl to “keep her from falling out.” MIND THE CHILDREN WATCHING THOUGH.

- you can goofy off and make fun of each other’s lack of knowledge about which apples should and should not be picked.

- you can end the day by buying some yummy fresh baked pies. if you’re like me, you’ll probably make a mess and spill the filling everywhere and think, “i am gonna be single forever because i am def not cute when i eat.” (okay, like i swear it’s the littlest and easiest things that make a girl happy).

3) hiking.

the key is to find a nice, relatively easy or maybe moderate (depending on the girl/guy), hike to the top of a mountain with a good view.

- the range of colors seen from the top of a mountain is honestly breathtaking and a perfect place to chill.

- grab your eno and some snacks (those are really important) (maybe a blanket)

- watch the sunset. literally every girl i know loves watching sunsets. (another simple and easy way to make your girl happy).

- it is freaking cheap.

4) corn mazes

if you go to a corn maze, you have to go either right as it is getting dark or once it is fully dark. (definitely recommend late at night).

- you can scare each other or other people (at least that’s what i do).

- i don’t know why but getting lost is really fun

- you can make fun of whoever ends up leading you guys the wrong way. “guys don’t need directions.” lol, yeah okay.

- there are more activities at corn mazes typically that are really fun too, which leads me to #5.

5) haunted barns/hayrides/corn mazes/houses.

okay, corn mazes and haunted barns are just part of fall. i will drive 45 minutes just to go do a decent one!

there’s something about being scared that is always fun or maybe you just enjoy laughing at the people that get scared (at least that’s what i do).

...or you could hide in the corn mazes and scare people, making it your own “haunted” place because that’s pretty fun too.

but being outside in a nice fall night, holding hands with the person you like, and running around/getting scared, and celebrating conquering a haunted barn around a fire sounds like a pretty solid night to me.

6) drive in movies.

i think i can be simple with the reasons to go.

you can talk (if you want to) during the movie so it’s not awkwardly silent.

these types of places, or at least the ones i go to, have funnel cakes and terribly delicious greasy food.

you can cuddle in the mounds of blankets and pillows.

it’s definitely on the cheap and super fun date list that should always be a go-to.

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