Top 7 Netflix Original Shows to Watch Right Now
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Top 7 Netflix Original Shows to Watch Right Now

Keep Calm and Binge On

Top 7 Netflix Original Shows to Watch Right Now

Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a new show. Here are seven original shows from Netflix to start watching:

7) Chef's Table

If you're like me, somebody who loves food, you will love this Netflix original. With each episode focusing on a different chef, you get to hear numerous stories about their food, cuisine, and their personal journeys. After each episode, you feel the need to cook; or at least eat. Maybe it'll inspire you to start cooking! Get ready for some stomach growling!

6) Master of None

Starring Aziz Ansari, this series focuses on topics such as parents, casual racism in TV, dating, and sexism in everyday life. So funny and relatable. I can't really give a premise on the show because there isn't one really, so all I can say is that experience this show first-hand. Definitely worth the watch.

5) Grace and Frankie

Focusing on two women whose husbands are leaving them for the most unexpected of reasons, this Netflix original is a comedy about growing old, family, love, friendship, and getting back on your feet when life throws you a curveball. I love this show so much. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are the best. Watch it. 'Nuff said.

4) The Crown

Two time Golden Globe winner this year for Best TV Series - Drama and Best Actress in a Lead Role - Drama. This series dives into the life of Queen Elizabeth II. This show's really addicting and pulls you right in. If you liked Oscar winner The King's Speech, this is for you. No words can describe how great it is. Check it out.

3)Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

A 100% accurate adaptation of this book series. Yes, some characters can be really ignorant to Count Olaf's disguises (I'm talking to you, POE) and there is weirdness and awkward moments, but if you have read A Series of Unfortunate Events growing up, it's like the books have come to life here, and now you get to revisit and discover things about the series you didn't notice before. All of that goes to the original author for writing the script for the show. No, not Lemony Snicket (that's his pen name), Daniel Handler. To come back after years of finishing writing these books to adapt them for Netflix is amazing. A standing ovation goes out to him. Thank you so much sir!

2) The OA

Okay, hear me out. This is the type of show that either you either hate or love. A warning that I will make is that it is confusing and takes a long time to get into, especially for the first episode. When I first sat down and started this show, the majority of the time I was like: "What is this?" and was very close to shutting it off; I stuck through and at the last 10 minutes, I got pulled in and wanted to watch more. I must say that the writers could have organized the storytelling differently, because it does tend to drag on a bit. What I like about it the most is that it's interesting, original, and makes you think. I think it's good, but I totally understand where people come from when they say that they don't like it. All I'm asking is to at least watch the first episode.

1) Black Mirror

Remember The Twilight Zone from the 1960s? That 20 minute show that had thought-provoking and sometimes dark undertones?Well, this show is our Twilight Zone. Except more terrifying. Now that we live in the digital age, we are getting closer and closer to the virtual world and technological advances that none of us could have imagined. While that can be a good thing, there might be some negative consequences in the future. Black Mirror perfectly illustrates what could happen. Watch the 3rd season first. There were two seasons that first aired on cable television years ago, but Netflix picked it up and has now brought this show the recognition that it deserves today. It's really good; be prepared to have your mind blown.

Happy watching!

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