5) Trump Regret

With a 35% approval rating, it's safe to say there a quite a few people who have a deep-rooted regret voting for Trump. I think my aesthetic is actually ex-Trump supporters realizing the mistake they made and in the end, apologizing for it. This would be a lot funnier and a lot higher up on the list if these people realized their mistake before it happened. Maybe then I could take these memes a little less seriously.

4) Gays for Trump

Trees for deforestation! Ice for climate change! Bugs for exterminators!

How much do you hate yourself, honestly?

3) Dudebros chanting "BUILD THAT WALL" while spring-breaking in Mexico.

This is so ironic and gross. If the wall is built, hopefully y'all will not be let over it. That way there will be a lot less littering on the beaches every March.

2) "Trump can grab my..."


Trump supporters don't want trans women to go into a women's bathroom because they're afraid of being sexually assaulted, but then you pull this? Goodbye.

1) Why Wasn't Obama in the Oval Office?

Honestly, this entire episode is just the funniest thing I've ever seen, but this moment takes the cake of Trump supporter moments.

I wonder if this guy ever got to the bottom of it.