5 Black & White Films To Change Your Mind About Black & White Films
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5 Black & White Films To Change Your Mind About Black & White Films

It's time to break the stigma

5 Black & White Films To Change Your Mind About Black & White Films

For some reason, among the youth of the world, black and white films have a bad rap. I've heard many different reasons: they're boring, they're slow, they're dramatic. The thing is, none of these make any sense. Even if you were to take a hit from today, say "Deadpool" for example, that movie would be just as good if it was in black and white.

Black and white films shouldn't get a bad rap, in fact people should look at them with much more respect because they were able to create cinematic masterpieces without any special effects whatsoever.

As someone who was raised with only black and white movies, here are my top five black and white films to change your mind, and no, "Casablanca" isn't No. 1.

5. Casablanca

Sure, everyone knows it, but has everyone seen it? It's the classic Bogart and Bergman. It's where Woody Allen got his inspiration and both of these actors made a name for themselves, because really, nothing is as timeless as Casablanca.

And of course, it gave us this timeless classic:

4. The Third Man

It's Orson Welles at his finest. Okay maybe not finest because basically everything this guy does is incredible. If you're a fan of mystery or just a really damn good story, then this is the perfect movie for you. Not to mention, it has some of the most iconic shots in movie history.

I mean look at this:

And this:

Plus this score. I mean seriously, THIS SCORE:

3. The Marx Brothers: Duck Soup

I can't choose a favorite Marx Brothers movie because I love them all, but I've always been a bit partial to "Duck Soup." I'm not really sure why. But, hey, if you want comedy, you really can't go wrong with Groucho.

I mean, look at this face:

How can you not fall in love?

2. His Girl Friday

It's Cary Grant. Rosalind Russell. If I need to tell you more, then, well I love this movie so much that I will. It's the original journalism movie with a bit of that suave Grant twist. Russell wants to get out of the journalism game but ex-husband and ex-editor-in-chief Grant doesn't want her to. Full of quick wit and some of the best dialogue, this is the movie you want to ditch your Friday night plans for.

(Oh, the best part? It's on Netflix.)

1. The Thin Man

This movie happens to hold a very special place in my heart since I happen to be named after all around badass leading lady, Nora Charles. This is the first installment of one of the greatest detective comedy series. Originally written as a novel by Dashiell Hammett, it's the story of Nick and Nora Charles, a dynamic duo in the 1930s, and ladies, let me just tell you, Nora Charles, she's the woman you never knew you needed in your life, but always wanted.

Plus, Nick is pretty badass too.

There you go. You literally have no reason not to stay in this weekend and fall in love with all the best.

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