Valentine's day is filled with a lot of things. There is love and gifts, but let's be real the best part is the candy. Every year kids wait anxiously for the Valentine's Day party. On the day of the party parents everywhere accept the fact that their kids will return home with 3 cavities and about 20 more bags of candy. The best part of the whole party is watching the kids trade candies and stuff their faces with anything sweet. Do you remember you Valentine's Day Parties? I've put together a list of some of 16 the best candies I would receive on Valentine's Day to bring back some sweet memories.

1) Nerds

This sweet crunchy candy used to be the best. Just please don't spill them or you will never find all of them again.

2) Laffy Taffy

This candy is still one of my favorites. Laffy Taffys are always sweet and the jokes are even better.

3) Air Heads

Air heads were always the best. Nothing was more fun than getting a mystery flavor and trying to figure out which flavor you got.

4) Skittles

Skittles are by far my favorite candy. NO matter how many flavors they come in each pack is equally as good. I mean who doesn't want to taste the rainbow?

5) Ring Pops

Ring pops are a ring shaped treat. Almost every child at one point in their life has imagined that a ring pop was an actual ring. Well hey, at least the ring was sweet.

6) Smarties

I have always loved smarties. I know at some point your treat tricked you that by eating these you would be smarter. Life was so simple.

7) Blow Pops

Blow pops are some of the best lolly pops out there. These lolly pops are the best 2 in 1. Lolly pop on the outside, bubble gum on the inside. What more could you want?

8) Krabby Patty Gummies

This candy is so odd. It looks weird yet doesn't taste bad. The oddest part about this candy is I can never seem to find them around unless it's Valentine's Day.

9) Fruit Roll Ups

Everyone loves fruit roll ups! There is nothing better than peeling off this sweet candy, getting it stuck to the roof of your mouth, and "tattooing" you tongue with the different designs.

10) Gummy Bears

Gummy bears have been around for ages. You can even get a jumbo gummy bear. No matter their size they still bring about happiness and an annoying song.

11) Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks

I might be biased since i'm obsessed with these fruit snacks, but Scooby Doos are the best fruit snacks out there. Best believe if i see a box I will fight you over them and don't ask for the blue one.

12) Gushers

Gushers are the sweets that when you take a bite your whole mouth floods with fruit goodness. Don't stuff your whole face with them or it will make a serious mess.

13) Dum-Dums

All kids and adults have a favorite flavor of dum-dums. Best believe when someone brings out a bag everyone will fight to find their favorite flavor. Bless the person who ends up with the mystery pop.

14) Fun Dip

Fun dip never gets old. Who doesn't love colored sugar? Some people love it so much they even eat the stick!

15) Warheads

Warheads are 100% not made for people who dislike anything sour. You will make a sour face and potentially cry. You've been warned.

16) Jolly Rancher

Jolly Ranchers are sour yet sweet and everyone has their favorite flavor. Mine like many people is the blue jolly rancher.