Top 13 Creepiest Creepypastas That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Top 13 Creepiest Creepypastas That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Trying to escape Freddy from your dreams? Read these and never go to sleep!

Happy early Halloween, readers! This week, I will be serving up delicious dishes of Creepypasta for you all to enjoy. For those who don't know what Creepypastas are—and no they aren't delicious plates of spaghetti prepared in a 'creepy' way—they are a collection of fictional horror stories written by people online. They have gained a cult-like following over the years and have been passed down and altered by many writers in the online community. Creepypastas are perfect for giving someone a good scare. I especially like to read them during Halloween time with friends or alone in the dark (make sure you get a blanket ready for the latter option, though!)

Want a good scare as well? Here are my picks for the top 13 scariest Creepypastas on the internet. (It should be noted that—due to gore and disturbing themes—these stories are not suitable for children nor for those who are easily squeamish. Read at your own risk.)

1. The Russian Sleep Experiment

Set sometime after World War II, this story tells the tale of a group of Russian researchers who attempt to keep five political prisoners from sleeping using a gas based stimulant. After 15 days of monitoring, the results become horrifically savage. Read more about it here.

2. Jeff The Killer

After being brutally ambushed by several bullies out for revenge, Jeff is left severely burned and starts losing his sanity. Then the killing spree begins. Read the story here.

3. Candle Cove

This story focuses on a television channel that was only viewable by children. Candle Cove was the only show that played on this channel and featured pirate marionettes going on adventures. But what sinister secrets lie beneath this seemingly innocent children's show? The story of Candle Cove ultimately inspired the first season of Syfy’s anthology series, “Channel Zero.” Read the fully story here.

4. The Rake

The Rake is a horrific creature resembling a cross between a naked man and a hairless dog. When the Rake whispers a person’s name, it instantly dooms them to be the Rake’s next victim. Find out what happens when a husband and wife cross paths with the Rake here.

5. Slenderman

Slenderman is, perhaps, the most well-known Creepypasta as it has been in the news for infamous reasons. In the lore, Slenderman is a tall, slender creature—with tentacle-like arms, who has no face, and wears a suit. He resides in the forest and haunts children in their dreams, before taking them away forever, leaving their parents confused and heartbroken. Here is one of the stories that started it all.

6. Mr. Widemouth

Mr. Widemouth is a story about a 5-year-old boy who becomes acquainted with a Furby-like creature (Mr. Widemouth) while he is bedridden with mononucleosis . Mr. Widemouth promises the boy friendship, but this guise hides his true evil intentions. Read more about it here.

7. The Fairies

After a biology professor starts dating his colleague, they plan a trip to visit her parents in Alberta, a location that supposedly houses fairies. Unlike Tinkerbell, these fairies are said to be malevolent and to have a desire for human sacrifice. The couple’s curiosities about the fairies lead them to danger, turning their adventurous getaway into a vacation from hell. Read more here.

8. Bedtime

When a little boy gets a bedroom all to himself, he begins to feel a paranormal presence watching him. Months go by, and he becomes accustomed to this haunting, sharing bunk beds with his nightly visitor, who does nothing but wriggle and make strange noises in the bed beneath him. Yet on one winter night, there is a change of plans and the monster becomes more ferocious towards the boy. Read the story here.

9. Artificial

Artificial follows a young scientist, Jennifer, as she tries to create the most humanistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) ever known to humankind. Situations become confusing, though; when her AI claims to be a real person and to have been the one to have programmed her. Who is the actual AI? Read the full story here.

10. Persuaded

Persuaded details a world overrun by zombies following a tanker accident. The zombies in this story, however; are aware of everything, unlike the mindless undead made famous by George A. Romero. The story centers around a man who is trapped inside his house as he hears and sees the carnage unfolding outside, waiting for his inevitable death to come. Read the entire story here.

11. The Smiling Man

An insomniac roams the streets to help her sleep but is instead met by a smiling man waltzing towards her. Doing her best to avoid him and to let him pass, she soon realizes he is following her, with the smile of insanity never leaving his face as he moves in closer and closer towards her. Read the full story here.

12. Doors

A male protagonist tells the story of his daily life with his adopted family. Everything is well until a bloodthirsty intruder breaks into the house one night and it's up to the narrator to save the day. This story has a great twist at the end and can be read here.

13. Lost Episodes

There is a subgenre of Creepypasta that focuses on 'lost episodes'of cartoon shows like "The Simpsons" and "Spongebob Squarepants." Most of these episodes were scrapped because it was shown that whoever watched these episodes went insane. Would you dare to watch if you could?

So what did you think of these Creepypastas? Pretty scary, right? Were you able to make it through them all? If you enjoyed reading these stories, there are more to be found at Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Cover Image Credit: WeLoveCreepy

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In 2017 we had to say goodbye to one of the best websites to ever roam the internet: Vine. In case you have been living under a rock since 2013, Vine was -(sad face)- a website and app that took the internet and the app store by storm in Winter 2013. It contained 6-second videos that were mostly comedy- but there were other genres including music, sports, cool tricks and different trends. Vine stars would get together and plan out a vine and film it till they got it right.

It was owned by Twitter and it was shut down because of so many reasons; the viners were leaving and making money from Youtube, there was simply no money in it and Twitter wanted us to suffer.

There's been a ton of threads on Twitter of everyone's favorite vines so I thought I'd jump in and share some of my favorites. So without further ado, here are some quotes of vines that most vine fanatics would know.

1. "AHH...Stahhp. I coulda dropped mah croissant"

2. "Nate how are those chicken strips?" "F%#K YA CHICKEN STRIPS.....F%#K ya chicken strips!"

3. "Road work ahead? Uh Yea, I sure hope it does"

4. "Happy Crimus...." "It's crismun..." "Merry crisis" "Merry chrysler"

5. "...Hi Welcome to Chili's"

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9. "It's a avocadooo...thanks"

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14. "Mothertrucker dude that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick"

15. "Two brooss chillin in a hot tub 5 feet apart cuz they're not gay"

16. "Jared can you read number 23 for the class?" "No I cannot.... What up I'm Jared, I'm 19 and I never f#@%in learned how to read."

17. "Not to be racist or anything but Asian people SSUUGHHH"

18. 18. "I wanna be a cowboy baby... I wanna be a cowboy baby"

19. "Hey, I'm lesbian" "I thought you were American"

20. "I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag" "you spilled- whaghwhha- lipstick in my Valentino White bag?"

21. "What's better than this? Guys bein dudes"

22. "How'd you get these bumps? ya got eggzma?" "I got what?" "You got eggzma?"

23. "WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE?" "THEY are my crocs!"

24. "Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?"

25. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEN!" "I can't sweem"

26. "Say Coloradoo" "I'M A GIRAFFE!!"

27. "How much did you pay for that taco?" Aight yo you know this boys got his free tacoo"

28. *Birds chirping* "Tweekle Tweekle"

29. "Girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal"

30. "I brought you Frankincense" "Thank you" "I brought you Myrrh" "Thank you" "Mur-dur" ""

31. "Sleep? I don't know about's summertime" "You ain't go to bed?" "Oh she caught me"

32. "All I wanna tell you is school's not important... Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog...RUFF. You know?"33. "Oh I like ya accent where you from?" "I'm Liberian" "Oh, my bad *whispering* I like your accent..."

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35. "Hey did you happen to go to class last week?" "I have never missed a class"

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42. "WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? "

43. *Blowing vape on table* * cameraman blows it away* "ADAM"

44. "Would you like the spider in your hand?" "Yea" "Say please" "Please" *puts spider in hand* *screams*

45. "Oh hi, thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of garrbaagge"

46. *girl blows vape* "...WoW"

47. *running* "...Daddy?" "Do I look like-?"

48. *Pours water onto girl's face" "Hello?"

49. "Wait oh yes wait a minute Mr. Postman" "HaaaAHH"

50. "...And they were roommates" "Mah God they were roommates"

I could literally go on forever because I just reference vines on a daily basis. Rest in peace Vine

Cover Image Credit: Vine

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21 Childish Gambino songs that you need in your life

Trust me, you need all these songs in your playlist


Doesn't Childish Gambino look like Donald Glover? Who hasn't saw a meme such as that?

I hate to break the news to you, but the same guy that sings This is America is the same one who writes and stars on Atlanta. Whatever name you decide to call him as a singer is fine with me.

As stated, many people now know This is America due to its popularity and hidden meanings. How many of you know more than that song? Maybe you know one or two but fear not, here am to give you a list of songs that you must listen to!

These songs range from both rap/Hip-Hop to romance to good ole' fashion singing. Trust me, this guy is talented, and there are songs that I feel people have no idea even exist.

I like many other songs of his, but I can say that these 21 are my personal favorites. I couldn't even narrow it down to just one so why not include all of them? You can; most of these songs on Spotify or just simply watch the YouTube videos below to hear them.

Put your headphones in, sit back, relax and enjoy this creative genius...Yes, that was a dig at Kanye West.

Also if you don't like explicit or vulgar language, I would suggest skipping this.

1) "3005"

Notable Lyric: "I mean nobody out here's got it figured out

"So therefore, I've lost all hope of a happy ending

2) "Backpackers"

Notable Lyric: "The only white rapper who's allowed to say the n-word

I buy a bunch of 'em and put it on my black card

Now I got some street cred"

3) "Bonfire"

Notable Lyric: "I know you hate me 'cause your little cousin play me

And I like black girls who nerdy, but when they dance they be sayin' "Owww"

4) "Break (All of the Lights)"

Notable Lyric: "Donald Glover, you don't have to call me "Childish"

Except for when I'm flirting with your half-Latino stylist"

5) "Do Ya Like"

Notable Lyric: "I ain't afraid to say it, yeah I love these ...

With their glasses, and their jacket, and their hipster clothes"

6) "Fire Fly"

Notable Lyric: "I don't really like shades, big rims, or jewelry
But gettin' time of day from a model is new to me"

7) "Freaks and Geeks"

Notable Lyric: "Took the G out your waffle, all you got left is your ego

Think about it for a second, man we eatin', where's your breakfast?"

8) "Heartbeat"

Notable Lyric: "Say the wrong thing and wrong girls come runnin'

I'm paranoid that these girls want something from me"

9) "Kids"

Notable Lyric: "If we were kids

I'd want to give you everything that you would want"

10) "Let Me Dope You"

Notable Lyric: "Sick boy. Yeah, the clique on deck

Yes, I rap absurd. Got the game upset"

11) "Marry You"

Notable Lyric: "It's a beautiful night,We're looking for something dumb to do

.Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you"

12) "Pop Thieves"

Notable Lyric: "When your song is on and your hand's in mine

And I'm holding you tight, make it feel good"

13) "Retro (Rough)"

Notable Lyric: "Young Bino in the house like an B&E

Why I'm looking so fly

I'm just being me"

14) "Sober"

Notable Lyric: "Girl, what's your problem

Cause I know it's hard sometimes, baby just give it some time"

15) "IV: Sweatpants"

Notable Lyric: "Don't be mad cause I'm doing me better than you doing you"

16) "III: Telegraph Ave."

Notable Lyric: "And I'm nervous, truth be told

I never saw me growing old in Oakland"

17) "The Worst Guys"

Notable Lyric: "The girls that you brought man, where are they from?

Where are they from? We were playing Playstation"

18) "This Is America"

Notable Lyric: "Police be trippin'

Yeah, this is America

Guns in my area"

19) "You See Me"

Notable Lyric: "I watch these haters take they shots like they were alcoholics"

20) "II: Zealots of Stockholm"

Notable Lyric: "Same sex everyday, monotonous

Lost god never pray, forgotten us"

21) "Zombies"

Notable Lyric: "All I see is zombies

Feeding all around us

All they eat are people (and you won't survive)"


Cover Image Credit:

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