Top 10 Products Every Young Woman Can Depend On
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Top 10 Products Every Young Woman Can Depend On

Here are some of my favorite products of all time.

Top 10 Products Every Young Woman Can Depend On
Mint Life

So far, I have found a few products that I really love. I will try not to sound too much like an infomercial while telling you about them.

1. Mika Solid Perfume

This is something that not a lot of people use anymore: solid perfume. It rubs on easily and has a super strong, amazing smell. It’s also pretty discrete if you want to put it in your pocket or wallet instead of lugging around a bottle of perfume. The best thing about this product is that I can still smell that I have it on five, six hours after applying.

2. Flair Pens

These are much better than Sharpies. They write nicely and don’t bleed through the page. Plus, there are so many colors to choose from. Another thing I noticed is that they don’t dry out easily and have a long life-span.

3. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit

I’ve never had really amazing skin so I had to find a face wash that cleared my face up. I found it. This stuff is fantastic. After every wash (twice a day), my face feels super clean and smooth. It also smells wonderful. It clears my face up really quickly, too.

4. Spotify

I know that a lot of people have already heard of this app. It’s super easy to use and you get any music at your fingertips. Instead of paying for each song like Apple or iTunes, you get all the music you want for free or $9.99 for a monthly Premium account. If you do the math, it’s much more cost effective. Spotify also does a lot of promotional pricing for students or other occasions. Did I mention that Spotify has everything?

5. TRESemme Mousse

I have super curly/frizzy hair and found that this mousse holds my frizz together and keeps my hair curled without making it heavy. It also smells really fresh, which not a lot of mousse brands can say about their products.

6. Fructis Leave Conditioner Cream

This is another fantastic hair product. I can’t even tell you how soft this product makes my hair. It’s ridiculous. Even after I straighten it, my hair is silky and smooth.


If you love books and you love cheap stuff, this is the website for you. You can find thousands of books at this website for super low prices. Instead of spending regular price for books at Barnes and Noble (another store I love), most books are heavily discounted ($3.49 is the average price). I have gotten so many of my books in my personal library from this website because they almost always have what I need. Also, did I mention free shipping with orders over $10? One more super cool thing: every time you spend $50, you get a coupon for $10 off. This website is the best.

8. The Nutribullet

I can’t get enough of this handy personal blender. Smoothies, shakes, malts, you name it, are super easy to make. It also does a fantastic job at blending. You know how sometimes the blender misses stuff on the sides or doesn’t blend everything because the fruit is too frozen or big, well, the Nutribullet doesn’t do any of those things. It mixes everything, no matter what. No more waiting for a shake or getting a chunky smoothie with the Nutribullet.

9. Claey’s Hard Candy

You can never go wrong with buying Claey’s. Each candy is covered in a sugar layer followed by a yummy flavor. Lemon, watermelon, green apple, anise, root beer, and my personal favorite, peppermint, are just a few of the different delicious flavors Claey’s has to offer.

10. Corkcicle Canteen or Tumbler

These things are crazy cool. They are insulated, keeping your water cold for 24 hours and your coffee hot for 12. I can put ice in at 8:00 a.m. and still have ice at 6:00 p.m. They are super easy to clean and carry around. They are made of a light metal, so almost indestructible too. I can’t get enough of my Corkcicle.

Stumbling upon these products made my life better in so many ways. I hope that you try them too and get the same results as I did.

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