Too Blessed To Be Stressed
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Too Blessed To Be Stressed

This crazy, messy life is full of sunshine.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

I have a ridiculously difficult schedule this year. I am taking too many classes. These classes have too much work. I have too little time. Sometimes I feel like every waking moment of my life is spent in class, prepping for class (printing out lectures, finishing readings, etc.), walking to class, and doing assignments. On top of it all, I also find other things for myself to do that make my to-do lists longer and my days shorter. There are days when I would swear I can feel the dark circles under my eyes.

That being said, I'm basically loving every moment of this whirlwind semester. I complain a lot. I cry a little. But I wouldn't change this for anything. I am at a university that I really love. I have friends that I wouldn't trade for anything. There aren't words to describe how much I enjoy being a double major because I get to be a part of two programs that I love and adore learning about. I even managed to find a good parking spot today. I am writing this on a Saturday night after a rough week and the calm before the storm of the next week. These times of silent reflection are coming few and far between, but it is nights like this in my empty dorm room that I realize the many blessings that come along with this crazy life I choose to live. I am slowly understanding that these blessings far outweigh the sleepless nights, mountains of books and homework, and parking struggles. It is hard to stop and recognize that there is beauty in every day when you feel like you are running yourself ragged, but when you pause and look it isn't that hard to find. And when you see it, you will know that the sunshine you find, be it an entire sunrise or the tiny ray, is only a glimpse of the great things that we experience in this crazy, messy, complicated life.

So let's all take a second to put down our books, stop driving around campus looking for a parking spot and take a minute to see that we are, indeed, too blessed to be stressed.

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