These past two weeks have been a world wind to say the least. Life has been hard and it is difficult to put a smile on your face when it feels like everything is out to get you. Last week I crushed my computer screen and did not do too great on one of my accounting tests. That was extremely difficult for me because I was not expecting for those two things to happen and they both took a hot minute to wrap my head around and move on from. But at the end of each night I would read my bible and study my devotion and pray to God and He kept saying to me “Ellie tomorrow is a new day". And that's correct- tomorrow is a new day where you can either wallow in your sorrows are you can get up and make it a good day. Last week did not get any better....I woke up late for my accounting class and as I was jogging to class my knee gave up and I fell down a hill and then as if it could not get worse, it started to rain on me. As I was walking into class I knew something was not right with my knee so I asked my mom if we could go get it checked out when I was home this past weekend. She agreed but the news we got was something that I prayed I would never hear again- I had retorn my ACL. I immediately was in shock and I thought I myself how did this happen? I was just jogging to class. Needless to say I stayed in my bed for the rest of the day deep in my feelings and watching tik tok till dinner. That night when I was reading my bible and studying my devotional, I was reminded of what God had told me the previous week “Tomorrow is a new day". That is what is getting me through this season in my life-leave everything in the past because there is no point dwelling on the negatives when you could be making positive memories instead. Choose happiness always.