Tomi Lahren, Shut Up
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Tomi Lahren, Shut Up

Tomi Lahren, Shut Up
LA Times

On November 30th, there was an interview featuring Tomi Lahren done by Trevor Noah. It has been a couple days since the interview has happened and it is still a trending topic on Twitter. Tomi Lahren is known to be a well known and very conservative speaker who is not afraid to speak her mind.

The recent, almost thirty minute interview further proved Tomi's point about how she felt about the Black Lives Matter movement.

"... The moment they started pushing hands up don't shoot which is a false narrative, proven that time and time again to be a false narrative the minute that became their slogan, the minute that protesting turned into rioting and looting and burning and militant actions, that's when I lost respect for black lives matter."

Well, we black people have a reason to scream "hands up don't shoot" in the name of police brutality. Of course, without a doubt, it's not a false narrative to you because you do not have to worry about police brutality thanks to your white privilege. Yes, we black people protest but as far as rioting and destroying property, that is where I personally draw the line. For you to lose respect for us as a whole because of all of this is crazy because not all of us are the problem.

Trevor Noah comes back to Tomi saying, "...that's not a Black Lives Matter phenomenon, that is what happens when there is a protest a lot of the time... There are some bad people in every instance. Going back to black lives Black Lives Matter though, for you to say that you say they have good intentions, they had the good intentions. How are you labeling the actions of a few and condemning an entire group?"

Call her out Trevor! The actions of one person in a group should not signify that that is what Black Lives Matter is all about. Many of us in the black community just want peace, luckily we don't want revenge.

Tomi tries to further prove her point when she says "But it's not one or two people. If you look at it in every city, look at the protests that have gone on. In Baltimore, in Ferguson, in New York City. The protests have now turned into anti-Trump protests. These are not a few people. These are mass crowds of people. They're doing this in the name of Michael Brown, they're doing this in the name of Freddie Gray. They're doing it as the front of Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media is emboldening these people... The mainstream media is not emboldening them as a group..."

These people. The black community. Wow, Tomi. Well, we black people in the black community standing up for Black Lives Matter have every right to stand up for our rights and to express how we feel about our lives. We wouldn't have to riot or feel the need to protest if there weren't such things as police brutality or strong hatred towards the black community.

Is the mainstream media emboldening the black community or not Tomi? Pick one statement and stick with it.

"You realize you are the mainstream media." This is one point that Trevor made and I completely agree with him. Tomi has thousands of followers and people all across the country watch her show every day. She usually pops up on my Facebook feed from time to time with her very conservative, right out of the hat world views that annoy me. She is the exact definition of mainstream media.

"I wish that we could disagree with each other without thinking we are bad people or ill intention folks." But Tomi, you are judging Black Lives Matter. How is your statement making sense? You think Black Lives Matter is the new KKK. Apparently, you think we are terrible yet you want our respect? No.

Thank you, Trevor for making this point. "Is that the narrative of BLM or the people who are saying that within a crowd of other human beings? There is a distinction between the movement and the people." Not all of us standing up for Black Lives Matter such as myself are bad or want to cause riots. We just want peace and we want police brutality to stop.

Tomi and Trevor Noah's conversation then went to Colin Kaepernick who kneeled on one knee while during the National Anthem at a 49ers game.

"So here's a black man in America who says I don't know how to get a message across. If I march in the streets, people say I'm a thug. If I go out and I protest, people say that it's a riot. If I bend down on one knee then it's not. What is the right way? That is something I always wanted to know. What is the right way for a black person to get attention in America?" Trevor makes a really great, interesting, and very logical point here. It seems like the black community causes an outrage when we try to stand for something we believe in. Why is this? "Freedom of speech" can't apply to black people right? I guess not.

"Taking it out on our flag and our national anthem to me... Why would you take out your perceived oppression of black people out on the national anthem and our flag? A country that you live in. A country that you benefit from. A country that people of all races have died for have died to protect. Died for the vote, died to be enfranchised by this nation. How do you then go and disrespect the flag and the anthem of that country? Why is that the outlet?"

Tomi, do your research before you ask why Colin Kaepernick got down on one knee in protest. The third verse in National Anthem clearly speaks about the oppression of slaves and waving the American flag in the name of all the slaves killed. Why would anyone want to stand for a song justifying enslavement and tragedy? Why are we still singing an anthem that has stopped being sung in schools? We are still pledging to the flag. Some of us just stand there and do nothing at all. Not standing for the flag or refusing to partake in saying the pledge or singing the National Anthem is not an "outlet" it is something that we should be able to do without a debate. After all, it is practicing the First Amendment rights by using freedom of speech.

The interview clip that I saw was nine minutes long. I felt myself becoming upset at Tomi Lahren's arguments and could not bring myself to watch the entire twenty six minutes of this interview. What I will take from these nine minutes of footage is that Tomi Lahren is someone who says she wants equality but is the main person bashing someone for their beliefs. She is entitled to say whatever she wants to say and does not have to have a single fear about being thrown off air for her views. She says she wants equality but does not give out equality.

I do not understand how this woman is still holding a job. Oh wait I do, she has privilege, and does not have to worry about losing her job.

As for Trevor Noah, I commend him for being able to keep his composure for twenty six minutes. He even cracked a couple of jokes at Tomi during their debate. I would not have been able to do so.

I would not have, at all.

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