So what being "girly" isn't your forte. Yeah you like to play sports, video games, you like the outdoors and baggy clothes, but who care! You're nothing like the girls you grew up with in high school, no makeup, no expensive clothes, no purse you do your own thing. That's because you are a tomboy and there are in fact five things Tomboys know too well.

1. T-shirts are your best friend.

Most girls wear nice clothes with pretty floral designs on them, full of bright colors and cute designs. Not you my friend. You like black T-shirts. "Didn't you wear that yesterday?" No. No you didn't you just seem to own clothes that all look the same. Black. Brown. Navy.

2. Sneakers.

Unlike most girls all you wear are your sneakers. You don't have time to pick out nice sandals, heels, or flats that everyone wears so sneakers it is! Black ones of course that match your shirt!

3. Video games.

Your guy friends do not expect you to be so good at video games. You know a lot about Smash Brothers and know when what game is coming out next. "Did you buy the new fire emblem game?!" No. You already finished it.

4. Friend-zone.

No matter how hard you try guys will always look at you like you're one of the "bros." Its because you are a tomboy so they treat you like one. When you do have feelings for someone you really aren't sure how to act. So you're put in the friend-zone. Oh well at least you still have a video game and sports partner.

5. Dress up.

There's nothing more that you hate then parties that require formal attire. You cant wear sneakers or a t-shirt, and you must wear a dress. The feeling of exposing your legs is disgusting to you. You miss your sweatpants so much. Oh well at least they make black dresses.